How to deal with the camper + trailer set?

How to deal with the camper + trailer set? – main image

A few months before the start of the season, many caravanning enthusiasts face a dilemma: buy a powerful motorhome like Knaus Sky and Plus (investing over EUR 60-70 thousand) that will meet our requirements (more beds), or decide on a different solution. Every year more and more people choose a smaller motorhome, which can be easily pulled by a caravan or a tow truck with a small car.

Choosing a small camper - Knaus Sky Wave - and a base Knaus Sport caravan (as a set), we will save not only a large part of the budget. We will also gain a much larger usable space and a large number of possible configurations of our holiday camp. The aforementioned camper can easily handle towing a trailer , as well as taking equipment and the entire crew on board. What's more - if we do not need more accommodation for the time being, we can successfully set off on a trip with a motorhome alone .

A vital choice

When choosing a motorhome and caravan, we must remember about a few important issues, thanks to which we will not spend too much , and we will also make it easier to drive with our leisure set. The first criteria, apart from the purchase price, are dimensions and empty weight . The permissible total weight of the motorhome below 3.5t will allow a driver with a category B driving license to freely drive the motorhome itself, but when we add a trailer with a weight greater than 750 kg, we will need additional category B96 or E - more on this topic here: http: // www / en / news / tips / what-powers-by-ciagnac-trailer . In addition, the weight of the caravan is an important issue, as high weight will be a heavy load for the motorhome engine - each hill will be strongly felt. Before making the final choice, it is also worth checking the length of the set - too large will make it difficult to squeeze through cities, rural areas or even the entrance to the petrol station . Therefore, it is not worth being discouraged by the seemingly small interior of the motorhome and caravan - together they will provide enough space.

It is also worth approaching the subject of equipping each mobile home rationally. Significant savings will be brought by resignation from many accessories , e.g. inside the caravan - after all, we will not use two kitchenettes or multimedia sets at the campsite. Without them, the Knaus Sport caravan will be cheaper and lighter.

We're going camping

Before embarking on any route, we should check the condition of the engine, tires and braking systems . While driving, we must bear in mind the side surface of the caravan and motorhome - we are exposed to strong gusts of side wind , which in extreme cases may even cause the caravan to skid . When driving such a set, you need to carefully operate the clutch pedal when starting off, otherwise you will wear it out quickly, sometimes causing the wheels to spin. Another important thing is skillful deceleration. The frequent use of the foot brake in mountainous terrain will quickly result in boiling and overheating of the brakes . Therefore, regardless of the type of power unit and gearbox, it is worth braking with the engine. The resistance of the pistons will take a lot of pressure off the braking system .

Driving in a motorhome towing a caravan is clearly different than traveling in a motorhome or a car with a caravan . The curb weight, the lateral area and the length of the train set pose many challenges and requirements for the driver .

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