Half-integrated games on babies - new ideas for building T6.1

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Volkswagen in the successive covers of its small vans over the years has been the basis for many manufacturers who have tried in the best way to create the perfect fusion between its compactness and comfort / usability of the body. In a way, traveling in the little buskampers will always be a great deal of a compromise. Several manufacturers went a step further, significantly increasing the residential shell attached to the base car from the VW stable, but so far there were rather niche designs / produced in small series.
In 2023, the Knaus-Tabbert concern decided to once again lean over the concept of a compact motorhome on the popular Volkswagen, presenting several variants at once, including a very futuristic proposal, which will be discussed in a moment.

Knaus Tourer Van 500MQ and 500LT

We will have to wait until the fair in Düsseldorf (end of August) to get to know the final versions, but now the manufacturer has shown the first few photos and details of two models, both of which measure 588 cm in length and 276 cm in height and are intended for four travelers. Each of them is equipped with a 2-burner stove, a sink, a 90-liter fridge, diesel heating and a boiler. The 500MQ model is distinguished by an unusual bathroom concept in which the space of the bathroom and the rear bed is partially shared. The height in the shower is 190 cm - quite comfortable. If you want to use the full surface of the bed, simply fold the upper part of the cabin. In the front, above the saloon and the driver's and passenger's seats, we have another bed at our disposal, which gives the impression of being quite comfortable and large. There is a large garage under the rear bed, to which we gain access through an external service hatch.

The 500LT model presents a slightly different layout - the bathroom is a fully functional room permanently integrated with the building. If you want to use the shower, like many motorhomes, you simply fold the wall with the washbasin on the hinge towards the toilet. In the front of the saloon there is an oblong table with face-to-face sofas, which, together with swivel seats for the driver and passenger, will provide space for a total of six people. The upper bed unfolds as in the model described above, and in the living room, by lowering the table, an additional 2 people will find a place to sleep. Here, unfortunately, you have to do without a garage at the rear of the vehicle.

At 2 meters in width, the vehicle has managed to conjure up surprising functionality. In practice, due to the modest cubature, traveling with four on board the Van Tourer may turn out to be a challenge, but if the motorhome is mainly used for sleeping, and during the day we lead an active lifestyle outside, it may be an interesting proposition. In Germany, vehicle prices are expected to start from less than EUR 66,000, which may prompt customers to consider these proposals to buy a "bus" on a standard T 6.1. The first units are to roll off the production lines in October this year.

In addition to the Van Tourer, the Knaus Tabbert concern will offer similar models under the Weinsberg X-Cursion brand.

CUVision - a bold proposition with a lifting roof

The VW Bulli is also the basis of a fresh and slightly more futuristic concept, which will appear in the Knaus model line in 2023. In fact, both initially announced versions will be more or less identical models to the Van Tourer - with the difference that along the entire length of the vehicle a lifting roof will be used. It will allow for a lower height while driving (213 cm), fit in the underground garage, and make the dimensions more "living" in everyday use. In the first marketing messages, the car is presented as multifunctional - on a daily basis and during holidays. The base car will be VW T 6.1 with 150 HP engine. The cars are to roll off the rails from March 2023, and the pre-scribed price is expected to oscillate around EUR 80,000. This is a lot for a compact van, which, apart from a lifting roof, is to be structurally very similar to much cheaper Van Tourers. Will the concept defend itself? We can wait until the fair and take a closer look at the solutions and specifications. It certainly promises to be interesting.

We can mention Knaus Tabbert as the source of the photos



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