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Eriba is a cult brand with a long tradition for 40 years belonging to the Hymer group. We specialize in the production of caravans that are impossible to miss in the crowd. The model range includes various variants of the famous Touring variant with distinctive rounded shapes and pop-up roofs, as well as the more "standard" tailored Feeling, Nova Light and Nova series. A special place in the offer is occupied by the Touring 820 - an uncompromising house on wheels in a timeless, iconic style, and this is what we will take a closer look at in this material.

Spacious and compact at the same time


From the outside, the hull lines of this luxury flagship refer to the American Airstream rather than to the currently offered trailers of most popular manufacturers. The creators of the shape, however, ensure that this timeless concept has a significant impact on the quality of driving the set, minimizing resistance and making the caravan more agile and maneuver-friendly. This is also confirmed by the declared fans of the brand and its long-term users. Let's take a closer look at the dimensions of this two-axle trailer and its external appearance. The total length is 848 cm (without the drawbar 708 cm), and the total height is 279 cm. Comparing the external width to standard constructions on the market (210-250 cm), Eriba is "somewhere in the middle" with a value of 236 cm. Inside, from wall to wall, we have 229 cm, which is quite spacious. Taller people may have a problem, as the clearance from the floor to the ceiling is only 203 cm (the roof is not raised), and the body is rounded to the sides.

The impression of space and a bright interior are provided by glazing which characteristically surrounds the body of the caravan. Running lines from the outside, shapes of lights, service openings, as well as a round window in the kitchen - all this gives the impression of timelessness - here we have an eye-catching fusion of retro and futurism.

Equipment and comfort without compromise

A rigid, insulated floor with a thickness of 60 mm is a warm and stable base for the entire building. The excellent quality XPS foam insulation and the lack of wood in the caravan's sheathing translate into frost resistance (no thermal bridges). The thickness of the walls and the roof is 30 mm. Noteworthy features are not available on the "mass" models, such as the integrated hydraulic support system with an automatic leveling system, or Alde heating based on glycol, not air vents. This heating system will take care of our thermal comfort in all conditions, who once had the opportunity to take advantage of the benefits of a heated floor and radiators in their mobile home will not want to part with these amenities - that's for sure.

The whole family sleeps in the caravan (up to 4 people). In the rear bedroom you will find a joined double bed measuring 210x198 cm, and the front living room, by lowering the table, will be transformed into an alcove about 205x198-137 cm (narrowing due to the length of the sofas on both sides). The bedroom at the back is glazed and there is a large panoramic window above the bed.


The bathroom is very comfortable - we have a separate shower cubicle with a toilet next to it and a washbasin. Next to the bathroom there is a kitchen with modern touches (shapes of drawers and built-in units).

A two-burner stove and a sink covered with a special lid allow you to easily keep order on the worktop. The coffee machine and capsules are hidden in a pull-out cabinet, which also saves space.

The integrated system for monitoring and controlling the parameters of all systems (lighting, heating, water level, etc.) will be operated by means of an electronic panel or a mobile device (ERIBA-Smart-Home-App).

GVW and load capacity - a lot of stock

The weight of the empty trailer is 2040 kg, and depending on the variant, we can choose a nominal DMC of 2500 or 2800 kg. Regardless of this, we have large capacity reserves. Carrying more luggage, equipment or accessories will not be a problem. The load on the hitch is 100 kg. It should be noted that the trailer is equipped with a clean water tank with a capacity of up to 50 liters. There is also space on board for 2 cylinders with a capacity of 11 liters of gas each.


Eriba Touring 820 is not a trailer for everyone and requires a very strong tug. It is closer to the Kabe brand in terms of price than Hobby or Knaus. It is equipment for connoisseurs, individualists and (as I mentioned earlier) declared fans of the brand.

The external appearance is a controversial and individual matter, but if you decide to buy such a caravan, you will definitely not go unnoticed. From the point of view of practicality, equipment and DMC, it is an absolutely uncompromising model, suitable for discovering the world in all conditions.

If you are interested in the Hymer-Eriba brand, be sure to visit the website of an authorized representative - experts from the Camping Center will be competent and happy to answer any questions. Their exhibitions can be admired at the headquarters in Kutno and in branches in Warsaw, Gdynia and Poznań.

For more details and to see the currently available vehicles, visit www.centrumcampingowe.pl and https://centrumcampingowe.otomoto.pl



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