Hymer flies in light weight at Caravan Salon 2015

Hymer flies in light weight at Caravan Salon 2015 – main image

For the widest circle of caravanning fans, the limit remains the vehicle weight within the limits of the driving license category B. In the category of vehicles with a GVM of 3.5 tons, the family of Hymer compact models is complemented by ultra-light novelties.

Hymer boasted a few weeks ago selling 150,000 motorhomes. There would be nothing extraordinary about it, if not for the fact that this result applies only to models whose weight in running order (full fuel tank and also a clean water tank) is less than 3,000 kg. A load capacity of 500 kg is a fairly decent result in the 3.5-tonne GVM class, but you know - the appetites are much greater. And it is precisely with the much greater needs of customers in mind that very light motorhomes were advertised.

HYMER Van 314

HYMER Van 314 is based on a chassis with a Fiat Ducato cabin and measures only 545 cm in length. The latest model guarantees a load capacity of at least 1005 kg, but in the poorest version of the equipment it will be as much as 1355 kg! Such a good result was achieved with the lightweight AL-KO frame.

The semi-integrated buildings with a width of 222 cm and a height of 277 cm provide two travelers and one child with full comfort. Opposite the compact dimensions of the bathroom with toilet, there is also a kitchenette, because it has a two-burner gas stove and a refrigerator with a capacity of 65 liters (an option is 85 liters). A bedroom for two adults is located at the rear above a tall garage with a load capacity of 350 kg. The mattress here is 145 cm wide. Additional accommodation is available in the Ducato cabin. For the time of sleep, it is enough to attach a bed frame with dimensions of 150 x 70 cm. Autonomy of standstill is guaranteed by the efficient Truma Combi 4 gas heater and the 90-liter clean water tank.



The motorhome of the same length is distinguished by a floating sleeping roof with a 200x135 cm mattress. Staying overnight here does not mean resignation from gas heating efficiency, since the bedroom on the first floor can be acoustically isolated from the vehicle body with a special headlining. Engineers designed a simple solution so that the warm air would travel directly to the upstairs bedroom. It is enough to add a section of flexible pipe approx. 1.5 meters long to the Truma Combi heating outlet (depending on the target market, Ayers Rock will be offered with a gas cylinder with a capacity of 5 kg or 11 kg). The aforementioned tilting roof has a considerable load capacity of 75 kg, because its shell is also equipped with an interesting system of fastening bulky items.


As in the HYMER Van 314 model, the main bedroom is located at the rear of the vehicle. During the day, its frame can be tilted to the vertical - both halves are hidden by the side walls of the building. In order to save valuable space inside the motorhome, the refrigerator door opens to an angle of 180 °, so access to the interior is also possible after sliding the Fiat side doors. The road-ready vehicle (e.g. with 100 liters of clean water) weighs 2,725 kg.

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