Is assistance mandatory?

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The current market offers a wide range of motor insurance. Apart from the obligatory third-party liability insurance, which is very often included in the AC package, drivers opt for assistance insurance. Is every driver obliged to buy an additional policy?

Types of insurance

The only compulsory insurance for a car is third party liability insurance. It is valid for all owners of motor vehicles, including passenger cars, agricultural machinery and motorcycles. Civil liability insurance protects the injured persons who have suffered as a result of an accident caused by the insured car. The scope of the policy is universal, which means that it is determined by regulations, not by the insurance company. Other types of insurance, such as auto insurance (AC), accident insurance (NNW), or assistance insurance, are fully voluntary.

Free assistance

Assistance insurance is often offered as a free or cheap addition to the civil liability insurance. It is worth remembering that in the case of free of charge, assistance is available in a very limited variant, therefore the scope of protection is limited. Most often, assistance is of a technical nature (in the event of a vehicle breakdown), but may be of a different type. The holders of the free policy can count on information assistance by phone, towing the vehicle to a specific distance (e.g. 100 kilometers) and reimbursement of the cost of repairing the car up to a specified amount. The extended version of the insurance costs more, but it provides the necessary assistance in more serious events, e.g. it will cover the costs of hospitalization or accommodation, it will ensure travel home, care for children and animals. Assistance mainly concerns road transport, but is to provide the insured with specific protection also in other random events. In addition to assistance in the event of a car breakdown, it may include medical, information or specialist assistance.

The cheapest third party liability insurance usually does not include additional assistance services. This means that in the event of an accident or collision, the insurer does not assume any other obligations. It is the driver who will have to find out about the nearest repair shop, organize towing and repair the vehicle. If you do not want to pay for an extended assistance package, it is worth opting for a slightly more expensive OC with a "free" package.


Why is it worth having them?

Assistance insurance is not obligatory, but it provides the driver with assistance in almost any situation on the road. The policy provides access to various services such as towing, vehicle repair, replacement car in the event of an accident, breakdown or even theft. Basic versions of insurance added to third party liability and motor insurance provide standard roadside assistance. If the driver wants more protection, he should consider purchasing a more extensive assistance package. In order to find the right policy, the owner of the vehicle needs to know what they are really expecting. Drivers who often cross the country's border will benefit from an insurance policy that also covers Europe and unlimited towing. Traveling with children or a dog should look for an option that provides care for minors and pets. Thanks to comprehensive protection, before going abroad, it is worth considering purchasing assistance in a more extensive version. You can compare all options using the assistance ranking (e.g. )

Assistance is a voluntary insurance that is becoming more and more popular - 2.6 million Poles bought it in 2017. The policy provides access to many services, not only related to car repair. Drivers who want more help in crisis situations should consider purchasing an extended version of the insurance.

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