Volvo XC60 D5 AWD - the basis of safety

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For a large group of drivers who are enthusiasts of caravanning, the most important element in a passenger car is safety . Undoubtedly, Volvo is a brand famous for its great concern for passive and active safety . The Swedish manufacturer has been operating under the tutelage of the Chinese owner for several years, which has in no way affected the quality of the cars it produces. The Volvo model range has grown considerably over the past few years, with the XC60 being the most popular model . This compact SUV also remains the most popular car in the premium segment in Poland.

Swedish design

Volvo, unlike other premium brands, focuses on simplicity and minimalism . Swedish designers of the XC60 exterior gave the brand's typical features. A large, vertically placed chrome grill with the logo, as well as the lack of any ostentatious embossing. The whole is enriched with a few chrome accents. Even in the limited edition of Ocean Race , we will not find any changes, apart from the symbolic emblem. Of course, the rear, as well as the front daytime running lights, are made of LED technology . The main turning lights conceal bi-xenon lights.

Interior: minimalism in the foreground

Volvo has always focused on minimalism, especially in the cockpit. The dashboard successfully combines the brand's tradition with modernity . A set of screens behind the wheel displays three patterns of "analog" clocks - readable in all conditions. At the top of the central console, a reasonable size navigation screen has been installed, which additionally supports air conditioning, radio and a multimedia set with Internet access . Below a dozen buttons and knobs, of course intuitive to use, are grouped. The almost orthopedic (optionally leather-trimmed) front seats deserve a few positive words, the rear seat also provides high travel comfort and sufficient space. A very interesting optional accessory is the electrically raised and lowered boot lid (it holds 495 liters).

The XC60 in practice

For towing heavy caravans (and not only), the best 2.4 D5 diesel engine generates 215 HP and 420 Nm working with an automatic gearbox with six gears . The five-cylinder unit, when driving without load, guarantees excellent performance, allowing for lightning-fast overtaking maneuvers. When towing a trailer ( with a total weight of up to 2,000 kg ), we will appreciate the smoothly working automatic machine. He changes gears without noticeable jerks. Unfortunately - the extremely durable 2.4 D5 diesel engine is not an economical construction. In the city, the consumption of diesel fuel fluctuates around 9-10 liters , outside the city it drops suddenly to 7.5-8 units, when towing a trailer, we have to take into account the consumption of about 10 liters for every 100 km .

The XC60 D5 AWD in the Ocean Race version is valued at PLN 250,000 . In return, we get refined mechanics, a spacious interior, and a whole army of systems supporting the driver while driving. The BLIS system constantly monitors the blind spot of the vehicle, alerting the driver to danger. We also have a lane change assistant. This system alerts the driver when he hits a line on the road without activating the indicator.

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