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One of the most important events in the caravanning industry is the fair, taking place, among others, in Stuttgart. The January CMT fair was visited by many leading companies offering campers, caravans and tourist equipment. Among the presented novelties, one of the models of the German brand deserves more attention. The Bavarian company Knaus at its exhibition stand showed a wider audience a new product - Boxlife Van Range.

The new Boxlife line

The owners of the Knaus company, in response to the huge interest of customers in compact motorhomes, expanded their model range. The new Boxlife line is designed to meet the constantly growing market expectations. The catalog will include three interior layouts to choose from: 540 MQ, 600 MQ and 630 MQ ME , which allow, despite the small available space, to find sufficient usable space for 3-4 travelers . Boxlife, like most similar constructions on the market, was built on the basis of Fiat Ducato in a built-up version. The German manufacturer only slightly changed its exterior, installing a new bumper and contrasting stickers - of course, the customer will have a choice of numerous designs and color variations . Among the elements that distinguish our motorhome from the regular Ducato, there are also numerous tinted and tilt windows, a skylight, and vents that reveal the special purpose of the vehicle.


Interior flexibility

The driver's cabin, created by engineers and specialists in Fiat ergonomics, is perfect for long vacation trips. Practically every chauffeur will find a comfortable position here, numerous compartments and armrests will only make the journey more enjoyable. While driving, we can count on electric windows and mirrors, automatic air conditioning, decent sound systems, and even navigation - available as an option . An electrically operated step leads to the high passenger compartment. Once inside, you will find a rectangular table with an additional table top that can be pulled out from the bottom . Behind it there is a double sofa with headrests and mandatory seat belts . It is worth mentioning that the front seats can be turned when stationary, creating an almost full-fledged dining room.

On the opposite side of the interior there is a place for a modest kitchenette . The seemingly small countertop can successfully prepare many exquisite dishes, if necessary, the gas stove burners can be covered with a glass lid . Next to the stove, under another cover, there is a single-chamber sink , and under it there are plenty of functional drawers, cabinets and a refrigerator . Above the tilting window , which acts as a hood, there is a spacious, closed cabinet for kitchen utensils. Next to it, a control panel for parking heater and sound system protrudes from the headliner.


Seating area

Behind the rear sofa there is space for a compact shower and a bathroom with a washbasin and cabinets . Opposite it you will see a wardrobe with central heating at the bottom . The rear part of the motorhome is occupied by a double bed . Interestingly, they are mounted on a special elevator - thanks to which we can fit even two standing bikes under it.

The new offer from Knaus ranks a bit higher in the manufacturer's catalog than the basic Boxstar. The Boxlife model is valued at at least 39,000 euros .

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