Rimor Horus 30 - the perfect motorhome for the beginning

Rimor Horus 30 - the perfect motorhome for the beginning – main image

The European motorhome market has been invariably dominated by German and Italian companies for several decades, offering a wide selection of mobile homes - practically for every budget. The company Rimor, which has been operating for 30 years and specializes in building relatively light structures, stands out among Italian manufacturers. Up to 20% lighter than comparable competitor models.

Not every caravanning enthusiast expects from his camper a living space for four people, with a well-equipped interior with a separate dining room and numerous cabinets and lockers. The basic model of the producer from sunny Italy is the Horus 30, which meets the basic requirements of every tourist.

Mobility and functionality

More and more drivers over the large usable space and the highest quality finishing materials focus on mobility in all conditions. Driving through a crowded city with a camper with wide and long buildings is not an easy or pleasant task - not to mention parking. No wonder that many customers, not only for financial reasons, reach for campers built on the basis of delivery buses.

The Rimor company uses a Ford Transit as a technical base, powered by a 2.2 TDCI diesel engine generating 85-155 KM . From the outside, Horus 30 differs slightly from the standard bus. Patterned stickers passing through the whole body and white air vents reveal its recreational character.

Travel in 4, live in 3

Hours 30, like many other similar constructions, will take four passengers along with their equipment in comfortable conditions on a daily basis. When we reach the campsite, we will unfortunately only have three sleeping places (at the very end of the built-up interior), which obviously limits its functionality. Behind the front seats there is a practical, folding table for four people , as well as a double sofa with seat belts.

There is a kitchenette on the opposite side of the interior. A two-burner gas cooker , a varnished top with a single-chamber sink will allow you to prepare a meal in all conditions. In the further part of the cabin there are spacious built-in wardrobes, or optionally a substitute for a bathroom - equipped with a compact washbasin and a toilet. The small size of the vehicle (less than 6 meters in total length) forced the manufacturer to use every centimeter. For this reason, shelves or lockers have been installed under the ceiling on both sides of the interior.

Equipment and budget character

The relatively attractive price - 37,000 euros - had to reflect the quality of the finishing materials used. Instead of a pleasant carpet, a cheap (plastic) replacement was placed on the floor - facilitating the routine cleaning of the interior. Similar savings can be seen on the walls covered with white plywood.

Unfortunately, the Rimor Horus 30 is not a flawless design - the concern for low production costs can be felt especially while driving. Then the wooden buildings creak and make a lot of disturbing noises.

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