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The Rapido brand is known primarily for popular semi-integrated and integrated motorhomes. An important and interesting segment in the company's model portfolio, however, are also campervans, which we will look at in this material.

The Rapido Group, as we know, includes a total of 13 brands (including Rapido, Itineo, Dreamer and Giottiline), of which Rapido aspires to be a top brand - this is evidenced by the degree of technological advancement and high quality, which we have already seen while testing the integrateds and half integrals. Value for money is great and the standard equipment is plentiful.

Campervans for couples and families

The series includes a total of 4 models, all based on Fiat Ducato with a capacity of 2.2 liters and 140 horsepower. The lengths range from 599 (model V55) or 636 (its three big brothers). The height is usually 259 cm, but the V65 is 288 cm. The standard width is 205 cm.


The V55 is the perfect model for couples and small families. The crosswise rear bed keeps the vehicle's length compact (599 cm), making it agile and easy to maneuver and park in the city. 4 seats equipped with belts and places for 3 people (2 + 1) - the couch and the table at the front can be easily converted into a bed.


The same applies to the longer body variants on the V62 and V65 models. Four people can travel in each of them, and sleeping places are provided for three. The V62 features a longitudinally placed bed on the right rear and a corner bathroom with shower and toilet next to it. The V65, on the other hand, at the back is equipped with 2 separate, longitudinally placed beds that can be combined into one.


With 2 + 2 families in mind, Rapido has developed the V65XL model, which is taller and equipped with a brilliant, comfortable, front-lowered bed for 2 people with scissor hinges - and electric. The car is almost 30 cm higher than the models described above, which avoids the feeling of claustrophobia in the upper alcove.

All buildings are equipped with separate, spacious shower cabins and the possibility of separating the sanitary space and creating something like a comfortable "bathing room".

Campervan Rapido = independence

When considering the purchase of a campervan, potential buyers are often concerned about the quality of thermal insulation and the possibility of using it on colder days, as well as a stay away from the camping infrastructure. Rapido vans are extremely refined in all these respects.


XHP insulation - Extreme Hybrid Protect with polyurethane. All motorhomes from this model range take as much as 110 liters of clean water on board (the gray water tank is 100 liters). The Truma Combi 4 CP PLUS gas heater (with communication interface for the inet system) is responsible for the heating. A capacious, 128-liter refrigerator as standard will allow us to safely store food in all conditions. As for the interior decor, we have several variants of furniture and upholstery, which will allow you to adjust the motorhome to individual preferences.

Regardless of the model, it is worth paying attention to new products for the coming season:

  • a new rail attached to the back wall of the kitchen block allows the table to be attached and used outdoors
  • drawers in the kitchen are equipped with a central electric lock system (lock)
  • as an option, we can choose interesting new grayscale colors - Expedition, Lanzarote or Artense
  • a new Fiat Ducato with a new grill, a new set of displays and cruise control as standard. Keyless entry and start-up options, virtual cockpit, cornering light, vehicle battery switch, low beam LED technology on request.

The undeniable advantage of small campervans is the ability to travel and park almost anywhere, as well as the much more real possibility of keeping the weight below the GVW, which for all the vehicles in question is 3.5 tons. Compact dimensions and compact design also translate into comfort of travel and relatively low consumption fuel.

If you are considering buying a campervan with a reasonable value for money, with solid bodywork, a car that will not lose its value and will serve for many years, the Rapido brand is the right address.

The official representative and service point of the Rapido brand is the M-Camp company from Dzierżonowo - the full offer of the dealer can be found at .

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