ITINEO, i.e. integrals up to 7 meters (but not only!)

ITINEO, i.e. integrals up to 7 meters (but not only!) – main image

Itineo is another brand belonging to the large RAPIDO Group. Here, designers focus primarily on compact semi -integrated and fully integrated motorhomes. Like other manufacturers, Itineo has prepared a lot of new products for the 2021 season. Among the many, it is worth mentioning the MC700 model, the "integrated" up to 7 meters with a central bed at the back, or the PF600 measuring just 599 centimeters in length, which can accommodate up to four people.


M700 separate shower and toilet

Let's start with the full integrated. The new MC700 model has its "big sister" - the MC740. Like her, it offers one of the most popular layouts - a face-to-face open lounge and a central rear bed measuring 140x195 cm. But what distinguishes it from the MC740 is its length: only 699 cm. With such a compact size, it was even possible to separate the shower from the toilet and move it to the rear of the vehicle!


An important advantage of this model is a large wardrobe and additional drawers under the bed. The open living room guarantees freedom of movement between the cab and the living area. The manufacturer points out that the living room can also be transformed into an occasional sleeping place. The kitchen has space for a 150-liter fridge. Pretty good for 699 cm long, right?

SC700 - family run


Big families have a problem. Fully integrated cars are not usually produced for them. The answer to this need is the SC700 model offering five places to ride and sleep (a fifth seat and an extra bed are options). It measures, like its predecessor, 699 cm in length. In the front there is a living room with face-to-face sofas, an L-shaped kitchen and a 150-liter fridge.


At the back, there are two bunk beds, electrically lowered, intended for children. There were two wardrobes on both sides of the vehicle. The rear dining area is equipped with storage compartments and can be quickly converted into additional luggage storage if needed. The SC700 will be a convenient solution for both a couple and the whole family. The rigid partition will allow parents to sit in the living room a little longer while the kids are asleep. The fifth place to sleep is in the living room. It should not be treated as an emergency - it measures 100 cm in width and as much as 200 cm in length.

Not only integrals


The Itineo brand is not only fully integrated motorhomes. Take, for example, the PF600 - this is a half-integrated board only 599 centimeters long. The bedroom is a spacious, comfortable, double corner bed measuring 136x196 centimeters. Two optional berths can increase the number of people sleeping to four (electric lowered or / and lounge conversion). At the foot of the bed, the PF600 has a wardrobe with an open recess. Most of the storage compartments are accessible through the fold-up bed base and the left-hand hatch.


Finally, in the kitchen we have a designer worktop with a 2-burner stove, the possibility of expanding the working space and a large 142-liter automatic refrigerator.


The PJ700 , on the other hand, is a car less than 7 meters long and offers two single beds in the rear, which can be converted into one XXL double. There was also a wardrobe in the lower part. Additional lockers are hidden in the steps leading to the master bedroom. In this model, it is worth paying attention to the large space in the bathroom and shower. Optionally, we can add a fifth driving seat.

M-Camp - the official dealer of the Itineo brand

Itineo's dealer is M-Camp from Dzierżoniów, which together with its camper vans will be exhibited at the Camper & Caravan Show in Nadarzyn on October 23-25.

ITINEO, i.e. integrals up to 7 meters (but not only!) – image 1
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