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The 990 MHV is a motorhome by the French brand Rapido in a new version, prepared for 2013. It is one of the few motorhomes on the European market with a Mercedes star on the radiator grille.

The model belongs to one of the two most prestigious series of the Rapido brand. It is here that we can expect such equipment and solutions that the manufacturer wants to be proud of.

What distinguishes all models refreshed in 2013 can be found in their interiors. Solid maple or oak furniture is adjacent to leather sofas and brushed aluminum fittings . But even in versions without leather upholstery, light upholstery and white furniture inserts blend nicely with the darker wood of the cabinets. When designing the 990 MHV model, the manufacturer even cooperated with yacht designers to give the interior an appropriate, i.e. luxurious, style.

More light in the motorhome!

A large amount of light attracts attention. The sun's rays not only fall through the side windows, but above all through the large skylights . In addition, the interior benefits a lot from rich LED lighting. The lamps are hidden both in the drop-down bed in the front part of the cabin, as well as under the ceiling cabinets. There are additional light strips between them and the ceiling.

In the 990 MHV model, the reading lamps are also eye-catching - they are not point-set bulbs that can shine, but rather neat wall lamps that give more diffused light.

A similar lamp is used in the bathroom, where even more attention is drawn to the glass washbasin . The shower cubicle is a separate room with a shape similar to a semicircle. In turn, the bathroom has the shape of a quadrilateral with walls of different lengths. Such an atypical layout allowed for better use of the space between the bedroom, shower and kitchen.

Anyway, the entire interior has been ingeniously built-up. For example, on both sides of a double bed in the rear part of the vehicle, there is space for two small wardrobes where you can hang clothes. Hiding places were also placed over the heads of the sleepers.

A maximum of 6 people can sleep in Rapido 990 MHV. In addition to one double or two single beds at the end of the vehicle, you can also fold down the double bed placed under the ceiling at the front of the vehicle and transform the dining area. Unfortunately, there are only five passengers to travel (with lanes).

Only for "weightlifters"

Time for some technical information. The motorhome is powered by a Mercedes Benz engine with a capacity of 2.2 liters. The four-cylinder engine develops 163 hp. The permissible total weight is as much as 6 tons , which means that a category B driving license is not enough to drive this vehicle. The car is not small - it measures up to 795 cm .

The equipment includes a 200-liter clean water tank , a 100-liter waste water tank, a 160-liter fridge-freezer and Alde Plus Arctic heating, which has a frost protection system and a function that allows you to set a separate bedroom heating temperature . Lovers of luxury will surely be pleased with a kitchen faucet made of chrome-plated brass , as well as the possibility of adjusting the inclination of the headrest in the bed.

There is a special place for a coffee machine in the kitchen, and an illuminated soap holder in the bathroom. The wardrobes have interior lighting.

And the price? Well, in Great Britain it slightly exceeds 100,000. pounds .

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