Pilote Galaxy - the choice is dizzying!

Pilote Galaxy - the choice is dizzying! – main image

Integrated Pilote motorhomes have gained a new "face". This is a good opportunity to take a look at the refreshed range of Galaxy models. This is not the first time that a French manufacturer is trying to convince us by proposing an incredibly large selection of variants - in this case, there are as many as 18 of them!

The face is different, but kind of familiar

Pilote did something surprising. Usually, the manufacturers of motorhomes, the so-called A-classes try to distinguish their cars as much as possible from the base cars, i.e. - most often - from Fiat Ducato . The point is that when looking at, for example, a fully integrated Hymer or Hobby, we do not have the impression that we are watching a Ducato with attached camping accessories.

In the case of the new Pilote series it is different - the front is supposed to be different than in the Ducato, but the associations are self-imposed. Not only that, because while the front of the Fiat looks a bit muscular and aggressive, the Pilote, thanks to its rounded lines, gives the impression of being more gentle. Is this a good move? Of course, the customers themselves will decide about it.

Six to eight meters

We can choose from 18 variants of the Galaxy model, which differ in length and interior layout. The shortest cars are 5.99 m, the longest - 7.87 m .

We have at our disposal campers with a 15-centimeter double technical floor that serves as insulation (important if we travel in autumn and winter) or with a 21-centimeter floor, in which additional lockers have been hidden.

Since we are not able to cover all variants, and these differ quite significantly, let's take one of the shortest and one of the longest Galaxy models for the wallpaper.


Small but family owned

The G600P model has a great chance of arousing interest among those customers who are looking for a new, small motorhome with accommodation for four people . A motorhome with a length of 599 cm , from the outside it looks very short, and inside we will have a small room to use rather than a spacious living room.

Despite this, the small Galaxy has everything that a family of four may need, and even more, because there are five seats at the table . If necessary, the guest can even stay overnight. Nevertheless, the car is considered to be a 4-seater because that is how many seats are provided with seat belts.

The permissible total weight of the vehicle is 3.5 tons . Depending on the equipment variant, we can allocate from 630 to 690 kg for loading and the passengers themselves. The capacity of all storage compartments was specified by the manufacturer at 935 liters. Speaking of technical data, it is also worth mentioning the extended wheelbase (applies to all models) and the width of the motorhome (also fixed), which is 2.3 m .

The interior layout of this model is shown in the illustration:


Spacious truck

If we dream of a spacious interior, the G781GJ model with a length of 7.87 meters will be the best choice in the Galaxy range. There are even two optional beds here, although only four people can travel. The luggage space is in this case as much as 4,330 liters , and we can load up to 1,150 kg .

But be careful! The permissible total weight of this motorhome is 4.5 tons , so a category B driving license is not enough.

The interior layout of the longest Pilote is as follows:


Nothing is missing

The basic models are offered with the Fiat Ducato engine with a capacity of 2.3 liters and 130 hp . The list of standard equipment and options is largely the same for each variant.

As standard, we will receive, among others manual air conditioning in the driver's cabin, foam seats and mattresses , beds on a wooden slatted frame, an extensive LED lighting system, Truma Combi 4 heating (in more expensive Truma Combi 6 options), a 138-liter refrigerator (140 liters in vehicles over 7 m long) ), 230 V, 12 V sockets, USB ports and much more.

Already in the basic version of Essentiel , the equipment can be considered quite extensive, and there are also Sensation and Emotion versions to choose from.

To sum up, the new Pilote Galaxy is certainly a good proposition for those customers who like to have a choice. First of all - a large number of lengths and interior layouts. Second, an extremely extensive list of equipment . Fortunately, individual items were grouped into three ready-made variants to choose from, because if each element could be selected every day, completing the order itself could become quite a challenge.

Sample prices of the Galaxy model in Germany : G650L Essentiel 67,600 euro, 740GJ Essentiel 75,220 euro. In Poland, please ask CarGO for prices and available variants!

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