Knaus Deseo - equipment requires an additional fee

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Is this the end of rounded trailers? Knaus Deseo goes in the opposite direction. In this case, angular shapes look fresh and modern. But this is not the only innovation.

Knaus Deseo is a trailer that is to set new design rules. It is supposed to be inexpensive (in Germany it costs from 7,888 euros), aimed rather at young people, and thanks to the modular structure, it will provide great possibilities for furnishing and arranging the interior.

Clever and inexpensive

Knaus tries to convince with this model that convenient and modern solutions do not have to be expensive. The purchase of a new Deseo trailer is to be an alternative even to the purchase of a trailer that is several years old. In order for the new model to appeal to young people, an interesting design was taken care of. The interior is dominated by bright colors and rounded shapes of furniture . Elements that are supposed to give the impression of coziness, such as colorful upholstery, have been combined with modern, smooth surfaces of bathroom doors or openwork sides of a bunk bed.

The most important thing, however, is the flexibility of the solutions used. For example, a bunk bed can be turned into a sofa or completely folded, there are boards on the walls to which you can attach cards and school boards on which you can write with chalk. Clothes, shoes and other items can be stored in plastic boxes under the bed - this in turn is a solution straight from Ikea.

Multiple versions

Deso comes in seven versions. The smallest and newest model, the Box , has dimensions of 372 x 210 cm . Even such a small caravan can have a bathroom with a shower and a kitchen area. Two sofas and a table between them can be folded into one bed that can accommodate four people. The maximum load capacity of the trailer is 1000 kg.

The most typical version is the Deseo model (without any additional name). The dimensions of this trailer are 588 x 218 cm , but interestingly, the maximum load capacity is lower than in the case of the shorter model and amounts to 850 kg (it can be enlarged at an additional cost). This version also accommodates four people, although there are already two beds (including one bunk).

The longest versions are Family and Family Plus - measuring 711 x 232 cm. Their maximum load capacity is 1,200 and 1,360 kg , but they are also designed for four people.

Modest equipment

How could Knaus offer such a low price? It's easy! As standard, the manufacturer gives customers little more than four walls on wheels.

The standard includes, among others hanging boards, folding tables (they can also be put outside), PVC flooring, interior lighting, 12V and 230V sockets. It's not much. In the classic version of Deseo, we can also find a garage part and a kitchen (but without equipment), 5 tilt windows and roof ventilation . If we want to have "real" equipment, we have to look at the list of paid add-ons.

We can decide, for example, on a shower package . Then we will get a 78-liter water tank, a boiler (installed in the kitchen), a toilet with a washbasin, a paddling pool with a shower and a roof window. The kitchen package includes a 60-liter fridge , sink, 2-burner gas stove. You can also opt for a kitchen package enriched with Truma heating .

Modular construction means in this case that we have to pay extra for almost everything we want to have in the trailer. This solution has one main advantage - we do not have to pay for something that we do not need.

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