Knaus targets the premium segment

Knaus targets the premium segment – main image

The company based in Jandelsbrunn (Lower Bavaria) has never sold so many touring vehicles - especially motorhomes - at the Düsseldorf trade fair before. As you know, appetites grow with eating, so the flagship proposition in the premium class will now be the debuting KNAUS SUN i model.

In addition to the positive sales results, the company reports the confirmation of contracts with the existing and new trade partners of the brand.

The past Caravan Salon fair allows us to believe that next year will be exceptionally successful. Later this year, we plan to increase our turnover from EUR 297 million to around EUR 350 million. It is a huge merit of the contracts we signed with end customers in Düsseldorf - says Wolfgang Speck, president of the management board of Knaus Tabbert GmbH.

The number of motorhomes sold at Caravan Salon 2015 increased by almost 30% compared to the previous year, and the increase in the case of caravans was over 8%. We have added many improvements for model year 2016 to make our products even more attractive. Everything we do is based on a simple paradigm: the symbiosis of function and design.

The aspirations of the company's managers are considerable, as the German manufacturer advertises the model in the highest price range.


Luxurious SUN and it is impressive

A team of 60 specialists worked on the latest model in the class of fully integrated motorhomes for 2 years. Effect? The 3-axle KNAUS SUN model aspires to be the most luxurious "houses on wheels". A very large relaxation area, a 32-inch TV in LED technology - electrically extendable from the backrest of one of the sofas, as well as a multi-functional 3-in-1 storage from the floor, a 190-liter fridge, a cooker with an induction hob - all this is to be synonymous with a luxury motorhome. Extravagant may seem the idea of placing a pull-out drawer in one of the external flaps, which hides ... a second TV screen. Well, a modern tourist may want to organize a film show right under the awning of a motorhome.

Knaus SUN i

Nearly 9 meters of luxury

The vehicle is 882 cm long, 234 cm wide and 290 cm high. The height of the interior is 2 meters. KNAUS SUN and ready to go (with 180 liters of clean water) weighs nearly 4 tons, and is approved in the 5-ton GVW class. The enormously large bathroom space draws attention, the intimacy of which is guaranteed by a sliding door at the interface with the bedroom at the back of the building and a hinged door near the kitchenette. The arrangement of this section brings to mind American mobile homes. Another bedroom is created after the bed frame is lowered above the cab. The main lighting is complemented by countless contour lamps that emphasize the ergonomically shaped line of the ceiling cabinets. You can choose an interior with oblong beds at the back (900 LEG) or a huge king-bed (900 LX). The first copies will be built at the beginning of 2016. The price of the basic versions starts from 97.5 thousand. euro.

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