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All materials were sent to us by our reader Bartosz, thank you and we encourage others to show off their wonders !!

When I came up with this project, none of my friends believed in what I wanted to do - that is, to sell a Mercedes E-class W210 station wagon, in full swing, and change to ... MB100 from 1992.

I've always liked this box. After many months of searching, I finally found something that could be a base for building a supervan.

The MB100 has never been a typical hippie bus, but its shape and simplicity are, in my opinion, its main strengths. In Poland, this model is mainly used on construction sites.

I love this car because … despite the brand considered luxury, Mercedes has used a lot of very simple and clear solutions that have always impressed me. I chose the MB100 also because ... no one else would notice this car. I like originality and people's questions: "Is this really MB100?"

Besides, the car affectionately called "100 small errors" - so far it has not caused any problem for me - even at -21 degrees it fired without any problems.

Why MB100? Hmm ... I really like boxy shapes in the automotive industry. I also like the G-class, with which the MB100 shares some common elements, such as door handles, some spare parts, and frame-based structures. Besides, I have always loved buses because of their versatility in terms of use.

It took a year to look for a model that met my expectations . Finally, on German internet forums, I found a PDF with the Luna version produced in Spain (the photo shows a model with a surfboard, next to it there was a cheerful couple, and I was delighted with this beautiful, simple body shape). I couldn't find one like this anywhere in Poland. In the end, after a few months, I found him in Germany - but when he arrived, it turned out to be a total body. I quit, even though I was fairly close to buying. Eventually, the ideal was found in the country.

Unfortunately, the car was badly damaged by the previous owners. There were stains, holes, gaps and poor paint everywhere. Surprisingly, the car turned out to be operational after checking the mechanics. The first investment was a new brake system, then an interior rebuilding at CARLEX , where I take pictures of car interiors.

The reconstruction of my MB100 started with bodywork and paintwork - based on the code, I was able to buy the same paint color.

The interior is a combination of denim and leather. You can make a bed from the rear couch. Inside there is also a cabinet, table and 220V installation. The journey is made even more pleasant by a powerful sound system located under the bed.

The bodywork was painted and underwent a major renovation. The roof was painted white. The rims were a challenge due to the unusual bolt spacing and ET. It turned out that only AMG rims, which were produced for a short time in 1992, only fit.

My set was found accidentally in the Allegro archives and bought from a man who spent 10 years in cardboard boxes, because it did not fit the G class. We managed to get a new set for PLN 800. Despite the fact that the condition of the rims was perfect - I went a step further and polished them.

Further plans include a denim and leather headlining to match the seats, trim on the dashboard and interior lighting.


mercedes MB100

year of production: 1992

mileage for today: 300333

condition: almost restored

I use the car every day and I am very satisfied.

For me , zero electronics = reliability .

Bartosz Gembalski

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