Escapader - a new definition of (off-road) freedom

Escapader - a new definition of (off-road) freedom – main image

For some time with bated breath we have been observing other pioneering projects of the Adventure Van Conversions brand, but their newest "child", codenamed Escapader, will cause excitement for both off-road experts and avid motorhomes. Why? About it in this material.

Christopher Jaworski and his team are the enthusiasts we wrote about earlier:

Adventure Van Conversions - specs of (each) adventure

Mercedes - Benz Sprinter as a base


When creating the Escapader, they chose a car that they have sentiment and respect for for many reasons - a good Sprinter from 2006 with a real 4x4 drive devoid of unnecessary and problematic electronics, reducers and differential lock. The car has been dismantled to the last screw, renovated and reassembled - in terms of mechanics it is ... better than the factory car. There are many elements (such as components of the renowned Oberaigner brand) that affect durability and comfort in the field.

Custom suspension, 15-inch rims with tires for softness and traction. The entire body was sandblasted, and a durable Raptor coating was applied to the new primer. In combination with off-road accents, a spare wheel attachment, a 5-liter canister on the tailgate and a snorkel at the front, the motorhome gets a true twist. A special Waxoyl protective layer can also be found on the entire chassis. The eye-catching, custom bi-xenon HID lamps with a washer system, as well as strands off-road lamps placed on the bumper (importantly - the light sources are fully legal).

Adventure Van Escapader - self-sufficiency above all


The motorhome is designed for 2 people, but has significant resources in terms of self-sufficiency - from the LiFePO4 Liontron battery in the Arctic version with a capacity of up to 200 Ah, a complete on-board control system of the renowned Victron brand, to Eberspächer heating . Interestingly, we also have a boiler connected to the engine cooling system, and also equipped with a 230V heater. The above is located in the luggage compartment under the rear bed. In addition, there is a horizontally placed gas cylinder supplying the stove (more on that in a moment). It is worth mentioning two compartments in the floor, one of which is a safe and the other safely houses the on-board electronics. Of course, there was also an external shower connection, a compressor and a handy set of "survival" tools.

The living space itself is ruled by chic and elegance - already perfectly made upholstery of black leather and Alcantara armchairs indicates belonging to the premium class. It is ruled by grays and wood / bamboo colors with blue accents. This even applies to the beautiful table veneer displaying a map of the world. Around under the cupboards, and even in the bathroom and bedroom, we find an extremely practical airline rail - from fixing the tablet to hooks, we have access to the full range of accessories. We can easily dry the pan on such a hook or hang soaked things. Under the sofa there is a tank for 100 liters of clean water, and right next to it there is a bathroom with a shower and an exhaust fan. The kitchen has been constructed in such a way as to give plenty of space to prepare dishes on the worktop, next to which you will find a large sink. The use of an innovative gas-powered Solgaz induction hob is interesting.


Drawers and cabinets under the kitchen worktop are equipped with numerous solutions to prevent movement while driving (system filling), even a cabinet for ... wine. A small compressor refrigerator with freezer (Webasto) is centrally mounted under the bed from the kitchen side. In the cab, in addition to the standard clocks and a set of switches characteristic of the Sprinter from this year, you will find an inclinometer with satellite communication. It has the functions of an advanced on-board computer and can be extremely helpful during the crossings - especially in difficult terrain.

Small gadgets and improvements have not been forgotten - articulated LED lamps at the front for reading the map, similarly behind the sliding doors, a folding table outside as an auxiliary table or a whole range of chargers and power sockets - from 12V, through USB and 230V. The large Dometic sunroof and side windows are fitted with mosquito nets and shades to isolate yourself from the outside view and minimize heat build-up. Taking into account the all-year-round, excellent insulation and equipment, we are impressed with the curb weight of the motorhome in a road-ready condition (with fuel!) - it amounts to 2970 kg.

The Escapader was entirely tailored to the needs of a specific client, but in our opinion (and many observers) it is an ideal system for a couple with a tendency to travel away from the beaten paths and travel patterns. When you add the off-road properties and the quality of workmanship and components used ... it's better not to ask about the price and enjoy the eye and live the dream of a day alone with this beautiful beast ...

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