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Can a large van, resembling a delivery truck, cause a sensation? It turns out that it is. On condition, however, that it will be equipped as a high-class passenger car and packed with electronics. This is exactly the case with the new Mercedes V-Class.

In Poland, Mercedes V was presented for the first time in Poznań during the Motor Show and it was the hottest premiere at the brand's stand with a star in the logo. Although the shape of the car is quite common, you may like the details, such as modern-looking, diagonal headlights with the now "obligatory" LEDs. Body contours give the impression of slenderness and give the illusion that the car is in motion all the time. If, however, the exterior was to be the greatest asset of this vehicle, we would have to write about the defeat. The V-Class is certainly not the most beautiful or the most stylistically designer car among the vehicles produced today.

Almost a truck like a luxury passenger car

The main distinguishing feature of this car is the combination of spaciousness that we can expect from a large van with what is associated with the Mercedes brand - i.e. with luxurious equipment and the latest technology. The manufacturer seems to recall that in the minds of customers the word "Mercedes" does not bring to mind boring and average Vito or Sprinter cars, but elegant cars that beat their competitors with comfort and equipment.

To find out, just look inside. The dashboard is not like that of vans based on delivery vans, but it is similar to the cockpit of Mercedes passenger cars. Arched lines, round indicators and such air inlets, combined with high-quality interior materials (leather on request) immediately tell us that the manufacturer was certainly not guided by the slogan "as cheap as possible".

But what we paid the most attention to is the passenger space. And it must be admitted that also here Mercedes did a great job. The driver and passenger seats can be turned 180 degrees so that four passengers can sit together at the folding table. Importantly, all people will have a lot of space around them. This means that the car is well suited for a trip with family or friends outside the city, as well as for a business trip (and a meeting for several people, for example in a forest parking lot).

The most extensive versions can accommodate up to 8 people. In the 4-seater version, everyone will be seated on separate, full-size seats. In versions for 6 and 8 people, couches are installed in the rear. You can even spend the night in a Mercedes V! The 3-seater sofa in the last row of seats can be used as a bed. There will be additional drawers under the bed.

Quite an important curiosity is the fact that this car uses an S-class heating system ! Even before getting into the car, you can turn on the heating with one button on the remote control. Thanks to this, after a few minutes you will be able to get into a hot car.

The V-Class is equipped with an opening rear window that can be used, for example, for quick loading of luggage or purchases. Through the window, you can also access an optional organizer , into which we can put items with a total weight of up to 50 kg.

Safety and ecology

During the fair in Poznań, Mercedes representatives focused on technical and ecological issues. In the new V-class, it was possible to improve engine parameters, and at the same time to reduce exhaust emissions and reduce the average fuel consumption to approx. 6 liters per 100 km , regardless of which drive unit we choose. For starters, there are four-cylinder twin-turbocharged diesel engines with 136 hp (V 200 CDI), 163 hp (V 220 CDI) and 190 hp (250 BlueTEC). The top version gets the 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic transmission as standard.

The new V-Class features as many as 11 driver assistance systems . Each of them is based on a set consisting of a camera, radar and ultrasonic sensors. These systems include counteract the effects of crosswinds, warn against fatigue, assist with parking, recognize road signs, control the distance between vehicles, warn against driving in the wrong direction and optimize the operation of seat belts and airbags.

With such equipment (and with the knowledge that you will not use too much fuel), you can go even on the farthest journey.

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