Luxury in French - Sterckeman Evolution 580 PE KID'S

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In the latest installment of the title trailer, the Sterckeman brand belonging to the Trigano group proves that a caravan designed for a family can be a luxurious, all-year-round vehicle without compromise. The total length is 755 cm (the length of the building itself is 640 cm), and the empty weight is 1352 kg (with a GVM of 1600 kg, and optionally up to 1800 kg). The model is designed for up to 6 people. The Evolution series is by no means new, but for the 2023 model year both the equipment and the list of add-ons offered in 3 packages will be modified.

Compared to its predecessor, the external design has not changed - the line is classic, and the subdued colors of the body are "broken" by graphite and red inserts / decor. Structurally, the structure meets the highest standards - the Alko frame combined with a stabilizing hook (the ATC system is an option) and a laminate sheathing with foam filling.

Steel and wood reinforcements in critical places (e.g. furniture assembly points) ensure durability for many years. As standard, the manufacturer uses reinforced Alko props that can withstand really heavy loads.
580 PE is a model with an outer width of 230 cm. This makes the caravan easy to maneuver, and 215 cm inside, it turns out, gives you the opportunity to find a really large space for the whole family.

Functional and clear

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The interior of the caravan is bright, thanks to 6 windows and glass doors. From the outside, we have access to the storage compartment at the front under the bed, as well as to the service hatch at the back - this is where we gain access to the lower bunk bed, which, when folded, gives us a large luggage space (the door has dimensions of 105x105 cm).

Crossing the threshold of the caravan on the left, we are welcomed by the kitchen, which, contrary to appearances, is not a clichéd duplication of patterns found in other manufacturers. The sink and the 3-burner stove are arranged in such a way as to leave as much space as possible for the worktop, which (as we know from the autopsy) can never be too much. The manufacturer has also used a cool solution, until recently used only in campervans with sliding doors - a foldable side panel that enlarges the working space.

A taste that attracts attention is the solution for the refrigerator - under the worktop there is a huge, as much as 150-liter fridge-freezer in the form of a drawer with an exceptionally solid safety mechanism (so far this type of refrigerator was on the list of optional equipment). As befits a French premium class manufacturer, a wine post with compartments for wine is placed under the countertop right next to the refrigerator and in front of the living room.

In terms of color, we can choose from 3 combinations of materials, all of which are tonally focused on the recently fashionable anthracite and white.

Comfortable sleep and exemplary bathroom

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Going from the living room / kitchen towards the back of the caravan, on the right you will find bunk beds. Their dimensions are sufficient for children of all ages, and the lower one, when folded, gives us a huge space to be used as a luggage hatch with access from the outside through the aforementioned large service doors.

The model L-shaped bathroom deserves attention - we have a sink, toilet, cabinets for cosmetics and chemicals, and a separate, comfortable shower cubicle. This arrangement will be perfect if we want to use all the amenities of the trailer comfortably and regardless of the infrastructure of the parking space. The interior walls in the bathroom are made of waterproof polyester. The remaining sleeping places are the main bed at the entrance - 205x160 cm and a fold-out bed in the living room with dimensions of 180x12 cm.

Year-round comfort

Among the additional equipment, you can order one of several packages, which include, for example, an external gas socket, a panoramic window in the roof, or an electric entrance step. The Arctic package, in turn, additionally allows you to increase comfort for year-round use - roof air conditioning and electric underfloor heating are useful additions.

The trailer is equipped as standard with 5 230V sockets, USB sockets, Truma Combi 4 heating (optional Combi 6E as an additional package), 12 / 230V converter, clean water tank with a capacity of 50 liters and gray (external, on wheels) holding 30 liters. Preparation for the installation of the roof air-conditioning is also a standard part of the equipment.


The Sterckeman 580 PE KID'S trailer is a caravanning aristocracy. The sales results from our western neighbors alone confirm that it is a frequently chosen premium brand. Very high quality of workmanship, fabulously comfortable mattresses and extremely successful kitchen and bathroom layouts in this model make it the perfect choice for really demanding families.

The authorized representative of the Sterckeman brand in Poland is ACK Benimar Polska from Kędzierzyn. Dealer website:


Luxury in French - Sterckeman Evolution 580 PE KID'S – image 1
Luxury in French - Sterckeman Evolution 580 PE KID'S – image 2
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