Mazda CX5 - an SUV straight from Japan

Mazda CX5 - an SUV straight from Japan – main image

Older caravanning enthusiasts perfectly remember the realities of that time. For towing a caravan, the good-natured Fiat 125p, Polonez and even the sickly Maluch were enough. Today, drivers focus on versatile SUVs that combine the advantages of several different segments . Among the most interesting and popular market offers we can mention the Mazda CX5 . The Japanese SUV hit the market by storm, attracting customers with its innovative design and loudly advertised innovative technology .

A presence like no other

For many years, Mazda has been famous for producing boring, practical cars for everyone, with a few exceptions in the form of the crazy MX5 and RX8 . In 2012, a compact SUV debuted in the Japanese manufacturer's price lists - the CX5 model - announcing the upcoming radical changes. There is no trace of the old design, this time the stylists focused on dynamic embossing and aggressive lines . In addition to the standard daytime running lights made in LED technology , we can also count on xenon lights ( optional ). Already the shape of the front and rear bumpers clearly confirms the road disposition of the model - a typical bulbs (when approaching curbs we still have to be careful, this time with the low profile of the tires).

Interior - a gigantic transformation

The interiors of even the top Mazda models from a few years ago were littered with, to say the least, tacky plastics - the whole thing has always been perfectly fitted. We must also recall "only" decent ergonomics and aesthetic shortcomings. These problems no longer exist in CX5. Everywhere, soft materials are used, shaped into an eye-friendly whole. In addition, controlling the multimedia and other on-board functions does not pose any problems - as with some competitors.

Regardless of whether we travel on leather ( requiring an additional charge ) or textile upholstery, the front seats guarantee more than enough comfort - also for drivers of the right size. Many of us will be pleased with the low driving position , which significantly improves the feeling of confidence while driving. The real surprise is the space in the rear seat. Two adults can fit without the slightest problem - if necessary, we can enlarge the 503-liter trunk with one move, to an impressive value of 1,620 liters .

Gasoline alternative with an automatic machine

The lion's share of compact SUVs sold in Europe are powered by fuel-efficient diesel engines. Mazda gives us an interesting alternative, in this case optionally combined with a six-speed automatic transmission. The 2.0 SKYACTIV engine ( direct injection and higher compression pressure ) generates 165 HP and 210 Nm , which is enough for both everyday driving and holiday trips with a trailer (the maximum weight of the trailer with overrun brake is 2,100 kg ). In combination with a simple to build, classic machine , it ensures a smooth and pleasant journey. Although we cannot count on lightning-fast reductions and breathtaking performance, the CX5 convinces with its stoic calmness in the cabin. In the city, the engine consumes about 9 liters , while on the road this result drops even below 7 units per 100 km. When driving with a caravan, the automatic transmission turns out to be invaluable again ( also a simple 4x4 drive ), it constantly takes care of selecting the perfect gear - as a result, fuel consumption fluctuates around 9-10 liters .

The Mazda CX5 is also available with the 2.2 SKYACTIV-D diesel engine - but due to the high excise tax it is much more expensive than the petrol version, the later operation of which is less expensive. Prices start from PLN 87 thousand , the presented configuration is valued at PLN 128 thousand .

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