Morelo Palace Alkoven - a bit different than all of them

Morelo Palace Alkoven - a bit different than all of them – main image

The camping vehicles of the German brand Morelo are usually integrated vehicles, resembling small buses. But the Palace Alkoven model is different. The fact that it was based on the MAN TGL truck is a very important difference.

You may ask, what's the difference? After all, it is actually a car with an alcove above the driver's cabin, and there are many of them on the market. However, this angular vehicle has something that sets it apart.

An important little thing

Despite the apparent integration, the driver's cabin is in this case completely separated from the camping area. This necessitates a slightly different use of the car, if only because the driver has no contact with the rest of the vehicle .

The case of using the alcove is also different - it is not a bed suspended from the ceiling, but a mattress placed on a high floor. And since the driver's cabin is behind the wall, the wall inside the vehicle can be built up with sofas next to it.

More space

The fact that the car is almost devoid of roundness makes it easier to make full use of the space it offers.

Along the walls there are wardrobes and lockers - their number can make an impression. The bathroom with sink, toilet and shower is located in a connecting room, between the living room and the master bedroom. The washbasin, cabinets and the mirror are, however, on the opposite side of the shower and the chemical toilet - as a result, there is a lot of space.

You can fit a small Fiat!

The fact that the individual versions of Morelo Palace Alkoven measure from 8.5 m to 10.8 m in length has another advantage. You can find a place for a garage in the vehicle. In Alkoven 90L and Alkoven 95M versions, it will be a place for a scooter, but the 95G will fit Smart , and 105GS - Fiat 500 !

The shortest 90L model is available in Germany for PLN 204,000. euro. For this price, we get a car with a 4-cylinder diesel engine with a capacity of 4.6 liters and a capacity of 220 HP . The permissible total weight of such a vehicle is nearly 9 tons , so with a category B driving license we have no reason to get behind the wheel.

With heated floor

The standard equipment includes, among others 180-liter fuel tank (can be exchanged for a 300-liter one), cruise control and air conditioning in the driver's cabin.

And what can the residents of the lounge area count on? There is a 190-liter fridge with a separate 33-liter freezer, a 3-burner gas cooker (chrome), a completely separate and glazed shower cubicle, as well as a heated floor.

It is worth appreciating the large size of the tanks. The fresh water container has a capacity of 350 liters , 250 liters is the capacity of the gray water tank, the same is the capacity of the septic tank. There is space for two gas cylinders in the car. Hot water and gas central heating are provided by a 5500 W furnace.

A little more than the standard

The list of additional equipment is also long. For example, for € 1,290 we can order a microwave oven, and for € 2,790 we can order two solar panels with a power of 120 W each.

The interior design itself is rather standard - with the difference that, unlike many caravans or small motorhomes , there is much more space here.

Actually Palace Alkoven seems to be a motorhome worth attention. It is not a luxury class yet, and yet the vehicle seems to be a bit above the generally accepted standards.

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