Prevost - the upper limit of luxury

Prevost - the upper limit of luxury – main image

If the price does not matter to you, but the greatest comfort is what counts, we have something for you. The American Prevost H3-45 VIP is the highest level of luxury that can be imagined in a motorhome, or rather - in a tourist bus.

Do you want to make a great impression on other campsite users? Bigger is hard to imagine! The Prevost H3-45 VIP has a wheelbase of 8 meters and a height of 3.8 meters. Under the flat floor there are cavernous hiding places with a capacity of more than 500 cubic meters. The independent suspension is said to provide a truly regal travel comfort. But the fact that the interior feels like a palace is of course the main advantage of equipping this huge motorhome.

Among lights and mirrors

The mirrored ceiling in the dining area brightens and visually enlarges the interior, which is enormous even without such tricks. As if that was not enough, the whole thing is bathed in additional light, thanks to LED bulbs. They are almost everywhere - in the ceiling, around the windows ... There are light strips even under the kitchen worktops. The marble-looking furniture has decorative gold-colored knobs. The floor throughout the vehicle resembles a kitchen or bathroom tile.

Prevost - the upper limit of luxury – image 1

The marble surfaces were broken with glass shower doors, thanks to which the interior is not monotonous. One of the wardrobes was placed in the middle of Prevosta. We can avoid it on two sides!

In such a motorhome, the bed must also be huge. There was also a mirror above him. They are placed in a corrugated frame resembling a suspended ceiling. Although the interior is decorated in a classic style, the vehicle is stuffed with modern electronics, and the driver's seat looks like a command center. Almost everything is electronically controlled here - even the blinds in the windows.

Now in colonial style

In early 2013, Prevost showed a new version of its flagship model. The exterior has been updated, but also a completely refreshed interior is presented. Although maybe "refreshed", the term is a bit exaggerated ...

The new model is decorated in a colonial style. Instead of the ubiquitous marble, we have dark wood, instead of palace chairs, leather armchairs, instead of tiles, dark mosaic. The whole is complemented by nubuck inserts and granite floors. New handles in wardrobes and drawers now look brass.

Prevost - the upper limit of luxury – image 2

The vehicle is based on a Volvo bus and has a D13 engine, which is used in tractors. Certainly, it will have the power to pull even the best-equipped Prevost.

The only problem we see may be driving this colossus. While this vehicle will perform well on wide American highways, on the narrow roads of southern France or Italy, its dimensions may cause some problems ... But if someone can afford Prevost, he can probably afford an experienced chauffeur as well.

Prevost - the upper limit of luxury – image 1
Prevost - the upper limit of luxury – image 2
Prevost - the upper limit of luxury – image 3

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