Motor Show - the most important premieres

Motor Show - the most important premieres – main image

The first day of the Motor Show , intended for journalists and VIPs, was full of premieres. And although there were some mishaps, motoring fans had something to look at ...

The team could not be absent from the most important automotive event in Poland. Although we were most interested in the 2nd Caravanning Salon (we write about it in separate articles), we could not miss the presentation of the latest passenger cars.

Volkswagen Group

This year, a separate hall belonged to the Volkswagen group, which, in addition to the Volkswagen, Skoda and Audi brands, also displayed Porsche, including the 911 GT3 Cup and Panamera GTS models painted in sports colors. However, cheaper cars were also popular, including the new Skoda Octavia, which is becoming more and more "Audi for the People". For those who prefer a full-fledged Audi, there were two new products. The first is the SQ5 TDI, a very strong version of the Q5 SUV. It has a 3-liter TDI engine with 313 hp. Thanks to the sports chassis, the body of the Audi SQ5 is 30 mm lower than that of the standard Q5. The second novelty is the Audi RS5 Carbiolet with a 450 HP V8 engine.

Motor Show - the most important premieres Jaguar beauty

The real Polish premiere, however, was waiting for journalists in another pavilion. One of the most beautiful cars shown at this year's Motor Show is undoubtedly the Jaguar F-Type. This car won the World Car Design Award at the New York Motor Show, leaving 43 vehicles behind. The convertible will be available with two 3-liter and one 5-liter engines. The weakest will reach 340 HP of power, and the most powerful - 495 HP (4.3 seconds to the "hundred", 300 km / h - maximum speed). The cheapest F-Type will be available in Poland for PLN 387,500.

Motor Show - the most important premieres

Top shelf

The stand of Ferrari was very interesting, which among many models also presented the F12 Berlinetta, recognized by the editors of Top Gear magazine as Supercar of The Year 2012. Unfortunately, the presentation planned for journalists was not electrifying, because the stand lacked… sound.

Motor Show - the most important premieres

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is worth mentioning among the top-of-the-range models. It is, of course, a combination of style, elegance, uncompromising equipment and modernity. The cars were exposed in such a way that the distance between them and the viewer seemed difficult to overcome. Even journalists could for the most part view them only from a long distance.

Mercedes premieres

The shows organized by Mercedes are also important. For the first time in Poland, the CLA models and the new E-Class version were shown. The CLA is to be a representative of a new class, something between the more expensive CLS model and the cheaper A-class. Prices start from less than 119 thousand. zloty.

Motor Show - the most important premieres

The fact that the car was created with a younger clientele in mind is evidenced by the fact that it has been equipped with a tablet-like screen that allows you to connect to the Internet and keep in touch with Facebook. The car is equipped as standard with an obstacle warning system and precise braking. What distinguishes the new E-class, however, is the equipment largely adapted from… the S-class.

Other brands also showed their cars, incl. Ford, Kia, Lexus, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Peugeot, Toyota, Volvo and the growing Fiat group (Alfa Romeo, Jeep, Lancia). There was also a luxurious sporty Wiesmann. However, many important brands were missing. At the Motor Show we will not see, among others BMW, Citroen, Renault and Hyundai.

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