New Carthago Chic E-Line on a Mercedes

New Carthago Chic E-Line on a Mercedes – main image

The Carthago brand has so far been associated rather with evolutionary changes, but in 2019 we can talk about the announcements of a real revolution in the premium segment. Following in the footsteps of Hymer and other manufacturers in this segment of motorhomes, Carthago has finally matured to the marriage with the latest version of Mercedes.

For now, the cooperation is to cover the refreshed version of the E-Line range, which, like all models of the upper class in the weight category above 3.5 t, was so far available with the Iveco base vehicle and the old and structurally outdated Fiat Ducato.


The Mercedes chassis required many design changes

However, the designers faced a number of challenges in order to match the construction of the new base vehicle with the brand's philosophy and a coherent marketing message. One of the core strengths of any Carthago integrated vehicle is forward visibility from the driver's seat, while Mercedes has a higher engine compartment and a longer front end. In order to obtain the same parameters and angle of visibility, it was necessary to use a "cut" dashboard downwards.


From the outside, a large grill and a tall bonnet with a star are visible. Interestingly, almost all Carthago motorhome models (from C-line Superior upwards) are equipped with headlights in LED technology , the efficiency of which will provide much better illumination of the space in front of the vehicle than in other models. As the front axle in Mercedes is shorter than in Fiat / Iveco, the manufacturer used its factory widening for visual compensation.

Lots of security systems and the latest technology in motorhomes

Modern safety systems and multimedia are important flavors, which for many potential buyers are a significant argument in favor of the Sprinter . In addition to the intelligent cruise control with an automatic safety brake, we can find here the lane assistant (stabilizing the driving path in a side gust of wind) or the advanced MBUX multimedia system with voice control.


Permissible total weight in the Carthago E-Line motorhome

The series power of the basic model is 143 HP. More suitable for such a heavy range of vehicles, the 163 and 177 HP versions of the engines require additional payments. A similar surcharge applies to the now famous, smooth-running 9-speed automatic gearbox. In terms of GVM, the standard range of the E-Line ranges from 4.5 t (single rear axle) to 5.5 t (double rear axle).

On the proven AL-KO frame structure, Carthago installed a double floor, 22 cm high, with external and internal flaps. Inside the vehicle, even tall people will find a lot of space , the decor itself is impressive and despite the visual flavors characteristic of Carthago , it seems to be completely changed . The bent, high-gloss lacquered fronts of the living space in a tasteful ivory color contrasting with the walnut wood seem to confirm the exclusive and timeless design.


The price of the newest motorhome from Carthago

The prices of new models based on the Sprinter are not yet established, but according to the manufacturer, the surcharge for Ducato powered models in the basic version should not exceed EUR 5,000 , which means that, for example, the E-Line 51QB model (with a central double bed at the rear) in the German the pricelist will be at the level of approximately EUR 125,000.

Taking into account the quality of the bodywork and the modern base vehicle, despite the difference in VAT and the astronomical excise duty in Poland, the vehicle should meet the tastes of at least a handful of buyers with affluent wallets.

Other models adapted to the new vehicle under the star sign are to be the C-Line and the smaller / lighter brother of the C-Tourer . Due to the limitations related to the popular GVM of up to 3.5t in Poland, we are looking forward to the technical parameters and load capacity of these popular Carthago models powered by the star car.

Carthago brand representative in Poland

The authorized representative of the Carthago brand is the Dandis Camping Center. The passion for caravanning has accompanied the founders of the company for 15 years, and next to the distribution of Carthago, Malibu and Illusion vehicles, a professional, fully equipped service (including post-accident) for recreational vehicles of all brands is located at the company's headquarters.

In the company's showroom, every enthusiast of this form of recreation will find smaller and larger accessories and equipment from leading manufacturers, and in the event of a longer repair or service, you can use a parking space with full camping infrastructure (waste discharge, water replenishment or electricity connection).

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