Novano 636 - good Polish design

Novano 636 - good Polish design – main image

This motorhome is not made in Germany, although you can buy it there. It is also not manufactured in Italy, although it also has a dealer there. Novano 636 is being built in Pruszków, near Warsaw.

The Polish caravanning market is growing in strength, and this is happening not only due to the increased import of camping vehicles from beyond the western border, but also thanks to Polish producers.

Back with fiberglass

Novano 636 is a motorhome built by the Polish company Doch. The base for this vehicle is the Fiat Ducato H3L4. The customer can choose versions with four different diesel engines - 2.0 (130 HP), 2.3 (150 HP), 3.0 (180 HP) and 3.0 in a more powerful version (227 HP). The permissible total weight of the vehicle is 3.5 tonnes.

The car has a double floor, garage, roof rails, a tuned bumper and what the manufacturer considers a special advantage - a monolithic rear of the car made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic (GRP). The walls are 38 mm thick and the ceiling is 55 mm thick, which should provide sufficient insulation against the cold, even in winter. The Novano 636 is designed for year-round use.

For a family of 4

The motorhome was created for a family of 4 and for so many people there are both seats and places to sleep. The accommodation is possible thanks to two double beds, which, depending on the selected option, can be covered with fabric or ecological leather. The permanently installed French bed measures 126 x 200 cm. The upper bed, located in the front part of the body, measures 135 x 190 cm. The curious will surely notice that there is a big surprise under the French bed - a fridge for 6 bottles of wine!

The car itself is well equipped - we can expect air conditioning, electric windows and mirrors (heated), cruise control, athermal windows, rear view camera, radio with CD and, of course, swivel seats.

In the camping area, modern Truma Combi Diesel 6 heating (powered by diesel oil), 100-liter clean water tanks and a 130-liter waste water container, 230 V socket, LED lighting await the travelers.

There was also a kitchen and a bathroom. The standard kitchen is equipped with a Dometic refrigerator with a capacity of 80 liters. The stove is ceramic, but only has two burners. In a 67x90 cm bathroom we get a 19-liter Dometic CT 3000 toilet, a shower and a window. The washbasin is foldable.

What about the extra charge? Both the fuel tank and the water tanks can be enlarged. The clean water can have 160 l, and the gray water - 180 l. The fridge can also be larger (110 l).

Looks good

What positively distinguishes the Polish motorhome is its successful design. Both from the outside and inside, the vehicle looks modern and elegant. Bright colors of the upholstery contrasting with dark furniture can become the trademark of the Novano brand. You should also appreciate the sliding doors mounted on both sides of this vehicle.

To sum up - the Novano 636 is a very successful concept of a vehicle, which, being placed in the middle price range, tries to offer something more. Interesting interior design may be associated with luxury, similar to the use of a ceramic hob in the kitchen, or offering… a safe. So it is definitely a proposition worth attention.

Prices start from 220 thousand. PLN (gross).

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