Pilote P746 - semi-integrated for demanding customers

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The Pilote P746 is an example of a semi-integrated, which perfectly combines the efficient use of space in the vehicle with the high comfort of using a motorhome. No wonder this model from the French manufacturer is very popular. It is worth taking a closer look at it.

Pilote motorhomes are known for their very high functionality of the residential part and perfectly designed usable space . It is no different in the P746 model, which belongs to the Pacific line of semi-integrated motorhomes. These vehicles show a very high resistance to difficult road conditions and temperatures. It should be emphasized that these are not the only advantages of the P746 model.

A motorhome in two versions

The P746 motorhome is based on the Fiat CCS chassis frame , which has been designed to obtain 15 cm of additional space and, consequently, to construct one of the lowest motorhomes on the market . The P746 model is part of the Comfort line in the Pilote range. Its length is 7.45 m (models of other segments are even 1.46 m shorter), width - 2.30 m (widened rear axles increase the comfort of driving the motorhome), and the height is 2.85 m. P746 has specially reinforced tires , a tilt stabilizer that increases the stability of the car and an energy-saving Euro VI engine with a capacity of 2.3 l and 130 HP.

The Pilote P746 has frameless windows that increase safety and thermal insulation, has double sealed doors, aluminum profiles to increase the strength of the motorhome, anti-hail roof and a perfectly sealed undercarriage (thanks to the polyester finish). Additionally, the roof, floor and walls have been insulated with polystyrene insulation cores. The motorhome has a Truma 6000 heating system , which can be powered by gas or electricity. In the event of a collision or accident, the Truma Crash Sensor cuts off the gas supply.


The P746 model is produced in two versions: C and GJ . The difference between them really comes down to a different design of the living space. In the C version we find in the rear part one huge, transverse Queensbed (double, 150 cm wide), while in the GJ version there are two single beds.

In both versions there is also a double bed, electrically lowered above the living room . Also in both versions we have 4 places to sleep and drive, as well as 5 places in the dining area. The capacity of the clean water tank is 120 liters, and the dirty water tank - 95 liters (insulated and heated).

The P746 motorhome has a spacious, elegant living room in Country wood color, a table with a sliding top, large side and roof windows that perfectly illuminate the interior, and a large bathroom with double doors.


Comfort in various guises

The P746 motorhome is available in two trim levels: the basic one is Essentiel, and the richer one - Sensation. In the external part, in the Essentiel option, we can find external LED lighting and LED rear lamps, and in the richer version there is also spot lighting powered from a 230 V socket .

The basic equipment includes air conditioning, upholstered, swivel seats in the cabin, central locking, electric windows, heated mirrors, carpeting in the cabin and an illuminated column at the entrance, and in the Sensation there is also a bluetooth radio, aluminum dashboard trim, an electrically retractable step and a digital control panel .

Big differences in these two versions of the finish are also visible in the living area. The Essentiel option in the living room includes a comfortable sofa filled with high-density foam, an adjustable headrest, and an adjustable TV holder. In Sensation we have an L-shaped sofa , comfortable seats, 4 pillows in the same color as the curtains, and you can adjust the power of LED lighting.


In both versions, the kitchen part includes a stainless steel sink with a lid, a 3-burner stove, a refrigerator with a capacity of 149 l , sockets (230 V, 12 V and USB), LED lighting under the kitchen counter. In the Sensation version, there is also an illuminated bar , a kitchen hood and a built-in waste container. In the P746 model you will find a shower cubicle with a separate door and a 230 V socket in the bathroom.

The Pilote P746 model is available in Poland from CarGO . At the time of this article's preparation, it was possible to purchase a brand new P746C model at a net price of PLN 255,285.

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