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In addition to German producers dominating the campers market, manufacturers of Italian equipment can boast an interesting offer. Contrary to the aforementioned competitors, apart from high-quality workmanship, they also serve clients with great attention to the smallest details, especially design. Rimor, the author of the Katamarano 3 model, has a similar approach to its products.

Master as the basis

The Italian manufacturer , unlike other players on the market, has not decided to use the Fiat Ducato chassis . Instead, Rimor used a Renault Master , a larger-caliber delivery vehicle. Surprisingly, the car leaves the factory with a black bumper, straight from the budget version. The exterior of the Catamarano 3 does not capture the hearts of passersby, it is just another real European motorhome. Of course, we can choose from the available sticker designs , or give them up at all. The side windows have been darkened considerably , so that even on sunny days, the air conditioning does not have to work with a heavy load. In the rear part of the body, the manufacturer has placed a large storage compartment , perfect for bicycles or other tourist equipment. The STOP light installed at the very top of the third body was designed for safety reasons.

Order in Italian

An extendable step leads to the interior, making it extremely easy to get inside. After entering the residential part, we will find a compact living room . The driver's and passenger's seats rotate towards the center of the cabin and the rectangular table (we can enlarge it by pulling out an additional part of the table top). On the other side there is a double sofa with headrests and seat belts . Above the holiday dining room and the cab, we have suspended cabinets and shelves . At this point, it is worth saying a few words about the interior colors - the selection of contrasting shades is of great importance here.



On the left side of the entrance, similar to other models of this size, there is a kitchenette . A two-burner gas cooker will meet most holiday expectations. A huge number of shelves, drawers and cabinets are grouped below. On the opposite side of the interior there is a tall fridge with a freezer compartment . Of course, both the stove and the sink can be covered with a glass lid , thus obtaining a flat top.

Bedroom and bathroom

Delving further inside the Catamarano 3, we will reach a double bed placed on a prominent raised platform - as we have already mentioned, there is a large luggage compartment below. A bathroom was installed in an isolated enclosure. A small washbasin, a mirror with cabinets, a chemical toilet and a shower cubicle - all this will fully meet the requirements during rest. The manufacturer has provided the remaining four sleeping places in the front part of the cabin.

The purchase of the Italian Rimor Katamarano 3 motorhome costs about 158,000 zlotys , in return the customer receives proven Renault Master mechanics , rich on-board equipment and a functional interior. Rimor Katamarano motorhomes can be rented and tested before purchase at Car-Go from Poznań .

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