Slovenian multi-talent - Adria Active

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The compact segment based on Renault Trafic and similar is doing great. These are vehicles that can be used on a daily basis as family cars, but also vans and, of course, campers. Manufacturers are trying to outdo each other in ideas for the most effective and ergonomic use of space, often offering a place to sleep for the whole family, and even ... a bathroom function.

One of the first companies to present their idea for the arrangement of the new Renault was Adria, whose Active series we had the opportunity to admire at the Caravans Salon fair in Dusseldorf last year. We invite you to read.

New Trafic - a mega base for a multifunctional motorhome

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The length of the car is 499 cm and the height is exactly 2,035 mm. The curb weight is 2 tons, and the drive may be responsible for one of the few diesel engines with a capacity of 2 liters and a power of 110-170 HP that meet the latest exhaust gas standards. Of course, we have a choice of a manual gearbox or an automatic machine. From the outside, the body can be decorated with a number of styling accents (bumpers, mirrors) and 16-inch or 17-inch alloy wheels.

LED lights are standard. The latest version of Renault captivates with the modern cockpit - it follows the latest trends and combines the highest quality materials and multimedia. Of course, we have a wide range of driver assistance systems to choose from (including a rear view camera). Inside, there are 6 seats that can be moved to obtain a monstrous (considering the size of the vehicle) cargo space - apart from traveling, a perfect car for large purchases or a move.

It is worth noting that the driver and passenger seats are swivel - this gives the possibility to create something like a living room inside. The Active line includes two models - Base and Pro. The Pro model offers a kitchen module, an outdoor shower and a sleeping place for 4 people. Base, on the other hand, has as many as 5 sleeping places, but without a kitchen. Both cars can be optionally equipped with Webasto heating systems.

Adria Active Base - perfect for sports enthusiasts

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Adria Active Base is the perfect partner for active people. First of all, it offers space for all kinds of equipment - cycling, triathlon, diving, climbing or wind surfing - everything will find its place here. Thanks to the compact dimensions, we will get to the very center of events. Thanks to the lifting sleeping roof, you can not only increase the clearance / height inside the vehicle, but also comfortably sleep the whole family or a group of friends - up to 5 people will sleep on this nice tin can.

Along the side wall there are a number of lockers, in which, in addition to luggage, there is also a tourist refrigerator. Of course, we can connect electricity from the outside through a dedicated socket, and to power the receivers inside, USB sockets have been thought.

The battery dedicated to the built-in, powering lighting, possibly heating control and charging / powering devices has a capacity of 100 Ah of capacity - that's quite a lot. We also have a Gorenje induction hob provided here, which allows us to prepare a meal on the go. In addition to the roller shutters in the side doors, privacy is ensured by a set of curtains for the cab and the trunk.

All-rounders included in the price

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Adria's 'little ones' may not be the cheapest, but the legendary quality and high resale value are important factors in choosing a Slovenian manufacturer. Let us bear in mind that the choice of this type of car must always be perceived in terms of a certain compromise. Remember that we do not have to bear the high costs of buying and maintaining a full-size motorhome.

If we decide to buy a compact van, we can drive and park almost everywhere. If the main period of the trip is summer, and we choose places with electricity connections and sanitary facilities, then we will not find a better option than compact tinsmiths. We will get to the place refreshed without speed limits, which apply to larger cars. The economics of the drive units will not allow you to ruin your wallet, and on the way, if necessary - as in a traditional motorhome - we will be able to organize an overnight stay for the whole family at any time.

Trafic is also an ideal family car for everyday use, and if necessary, it can successfully transport a sofa, wardrobe or sports equipment. The price of the BASE model at the time of writing the article is around PLN 250,000. The representative of the ADRIA brand is the ELCAMP group - the current vehicle offer can be found at:

The showroom and authorized dealer / service point in the capital are run by the Warsaw Caravanning Center -

Slovenian multi-talent - Adria Active – image 1
Slovenian multi-talent - Adria Active – image 2
Slovenian multi-talent - Adria Active – image 3
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