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Volkswagen T5 is a grateful object of conversion, which has already been proved by many companies that enrich vans with tourist functions. The German company SpaceCamper, however, offers so many changes that you can get dizzy from them.

Seemingly, it is an ordinary Transporter with seats for 5 people and a 700-liter luggage space. But after the intervention of SpaceCamper, it is also a multi-purpose car, perfect for everyday use and for longer trips. In addition, thanks to the light weight of the equipment, the car has a load capacity of 1000 kg .

The manufacturer ensures that only high-quality materials are used in the interior - birch plywood, stainless steel, aluminum . The furniture is made of plywood made by pressing together under pressure thin layers of wood covered with glue. This production technology allows you to create a material resistant to water and damage. The kitchen worktop can withstand temperatures up to 185 degrees Celsius, the influence of strong chemicals and scratch tests.

Even four will be squeezed

SpaceCamper comes in three variants. The classic variant can provide accommodation for up to four people, although it is better if two of them are children. Three people can sleep on a fold-out sofa. It is 2.03 meters long, 1.3 meters wide and only 80 mm thick .

Thanks to this, a lot of luggage can fit under the sleeping place. The fourth sleeping place is located across the vehicle, on the front seats.

During the day, the rear row of seats can be folded back down, leaving the luggage covered with the other two parts of the mattress. Thanks to the 180-degree rotating driver and passenger seats , four people can sit together at one table.

There is also an option to fold the entire sleeping area with the rear seats to the side, making the van a small truck.

The car also has a place for a kitchen with a 25-liter fridge , a sink with a folding tap and a gas stove.

SpaceCamper is also available in Light and Open versions. Open in particular is noteworthy due to the sliding doors on both sides. As a result , you can open up to 5 doors at the same time , turning the car almost into a terrace with armchairs.

1001 add-ons

Additional equipment is also interesting. SpaceCamper offers, for example, two versions of the high roof. We already know the raised roof made of fabric from many other motorhomes. It's just that here the roof can be turned into an observation deck , because the front part of the superstructure can be opened. It is also worth paying attention to the fixed roof with a large, tilt window.

Safe, LED lighting and reading lamps, electrics protection against forest animals , additional seats in the rear, a system for transporting bicycles and motorbikes, a tent integrated with the tailgate, which can become a shower cubicle ... These are only some of the additional equipment.

The most bizarre, however, is the toilet - if you can call it a board with a hole on which a plastic bag is placed . After settling the matter, the board can be put back in the "wall unit". Well, this should be considered a fall-back solution.

For more information, please visit the website. spacecamper .de

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