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Each of us has different requirements and preferences regarding the car. Over the last few years, the selection of cars that meet the expectations of caravanning enthusiasts has significantly increased. In addition to classic station wagons, SUVs and SUVs, we also have more practical proposals. VW Transporter and Renault Trafic are the most popular buses on the market - of course, each of them is available in typical passenger versions . There are at least a dozen alternatives, but the little-known Ssangyong Rodius deserves our attention.

This Korean brand, unknown in Poland too well, has been trying its hand at our market for several years. According to the brand's authorities, the refreshed model palette was supposed to help - well, the effects cannot be assessed yet. The most serious changes affected the reproached Rodius - the largest model in the Asian range.

Beauty does not matter?

The previous generation of Rodius was an objectively ugly car. In the current incarnation, the stylists have radically changed the front part of the body - integrating the aesthetic headlights and the grille. There is no point in writing about the other parts of the body, because beauty is not in the foreground here. It is only necessary to mention the proportions, or rather the lack of them - the eyes are mainly drawn by the "strange" small wheels (17-inch) and the peculiar shape of the side rear windows.


For the sevenfold

The interior of Rodius was designed in a different way than the mentioned Transporter. Instead of a civilized delivery vehicle, we get a truly personal configuration and equipment . The driver and passenger benefit from electrically operated spacious seats . The high position behind the substantial steering wheel turns out to be perfect for this type of vehicle. In the second row of seats, the manufacturer installed two separate seats - equipped with armrests and comprehensive adjustment . In the third row, we can use a three-person couch - such conditions guarantee a comfortable journey for a seven-person crew . Interestingly, we still have a luggage compartment of over 600 liters .

Two-liter diesel, automatic and 4x4

The previous generation of Rodius was powered by a 2.7-liter Mercedes diesel . This time, the Koreans have built their own diesel engine, 155 HP and 360 Nm optionally cooperate with a classic Mercedes automatic - another paid addition is four-wheel drive (the driver activates the rigid front axle drive and even the reducer with a button). A set configured in such a way only seems to be too weak. In fact , neither power nor flexibility is lacking . In the city, the dimensions of Rodius are one limitation, only on the road does he show what he can do. In city traffic, we have to prepare for consumption of 10-11 liters per 100 km , while on the road the consumption drops to 8 liters - when towing a trailer (the maximum weight of a trailer with an overrun brake is 2800 kg ), Rodius needs nearly 12 liters of diesel oil.

Ssangyong Rodius presents a level of craftsmanship typical of other Korean manufacturers. Rodius prices start at PLN 99,000 , and the top equipment variant costs PLN 129,000 .

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