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There are a lot of brands on the caravanning market - especially beyond our western border. So motorhome manufacturers are looking for ways to stand out. In the case of Sun Living, such a distinguishing feature can be the bed, or more precisely, the number of sleeping places.

Will Sun Living be successful in the market by being able to order more beds than its competitors? It is very possible, especially if the brand decides to expand to Central and Eastern Europe, where practical values combined with a good price-quality ratio are of particular importance. Sun Living can provide comfortable accommodation for up to seven people (!) In a vehicle that still does not fall within the definition of a truck, so you can drive it with a category B driving license.

Sun Living belongs to the Adria Mobil concern, and its task is to provide an offer of reasonable quality, but at prices lower than Adria. The distinguishing feature of Sun Living is also simple, uncomplicated solutions. The brand offers four types of motorhomes.

Flexo Van

The basic model of Sun Living is a camper-van called Flexo. It is available in two lengths - 5.99 and 6.37 mm .

Customers can also choose from two variants of the interior - both can accommodate three people. In the SP version you will find one double bed (at the rear of the vehicle) and one single bed, obtained from the transformation of the table, bench and… driver's seat! In the SLX version, the rear bed has been divided into two sleeping places.

In addition, the Flexo - like all other models - has a toilet with a shower, a kitchen, a refrigerator and Truma heating . By lifting the rear bed, you can get a lot of luggage space. Thanks to this, you can even transport a bicycle, although you do not know what to do with it at night - after leaving the bed.

Lido Semi-integrated

All other models are sold under the name Lido. The semi-integrated version is available in lengths from 5.99 to 6.97 m .

In terms of the interior layout, the customer can choose between four variants . The most typical layouts are a double bed + single bed and two double beds. But Sun Living goes on! Between the two single beds at the rear, you can place a smaller sleeping area for a child , and another single bed in the front part of the cabin.

The most extensive, however, is the S 45 K version. In the rear part of this model you will find a large bed with convenient access and bedside tables on both sides. The sleeping area can be separated from the front by a sliding door . In the motorhome you will also find a shower in a separate room than the toilet and an L-shaped kitchen. In the front there is a place to sleep for a third person - the width of the motorhome (the bed narrows, so there is little space for an adult).

Lido Hybrid

The name of this model may suggest a hybrid drive of the vehicle - nothing could be further from the truth. In this case, the name indicates the body version . We are dealing here with a motorhome, which instead of a full alcove has only a bulge in the roof, which has a positive effect on the vehicle's aerodynamics.

The car is available in lengths of 6.99, 7.2 and 7.4 meters . In terms of interior design, the most interesting model seems to be the M 45 SL , which can accommodate up to six adults , and there is also one more place for a child. In turn, the M 50 SL has not only seven seats , but also a separate shower and an L-shaped kitchen.

Lido Alkowa

At the top of the Sun Living range is a model with an alcove. In this case, we cannot count on more sleeping places, but on the availability of additional variants, of course. There is, among others model with single bunk beds . There is also one with three double beds , so three adult couples can travel in it.

The model with an alcove is available in lengths of 5.99, 6.99 and 7.25 m . However, in any version of this model we will not find an L-kitchen, a separate shower, or a partition between the night and day zones.

And so, however, Sun Living stands out from the competition. If someone wants a large family or a group of friends to fit into the motorhome, it is difficult not to take into account the offer of the German manufacturer.

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