The president is going camping

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We have already presented campers that were bigger than tourist buses, but such huge caravans? Holiday Rambler offers a caravan that is 12 meters long, 4 meters high and 2.60 meters wide.

Holiday Rambler is an American manufacturer that has been producing luxury caravans since 1953. The ones from the Presidential series are to be a reference to the times when the Holiday Rambler set (or rather exceeded) the standards on the market of exclusive leisure vehicles.

The new project was consulted with the owners of caravans of the same name, produced in the 1980s and 1990s. The manufacturer's representatives asked five of them what they would expect from the new version. Their suggestions were used in the construction of a completely new caravan.

A modern caravan on the outside, classic on the inside

The designers wanted the caravan to look modern, so they took care of its aerodynamic shape with a pleasantly rounded front. The gray and blue colors look interesting, and the attention is also drawn to a large number of external compartments. It is worth mentioning that the side walls were covered with an additional layer of insulating foam to create a more effective barrier against low temperatures and loud sounds.

The interior does not match the modern body line at all. It is luxurious, of course, down to the last detail, but has been decorated very classically to satisfy the most typical comfort concept. Those who like heavy furniture, leather armchairs and dark interior design will be pleased. A perfect place to sit down with a cigar and a glass of whiskey.

The president with his own island at the campground

The distinguishing feature of Presidential caravans is a kitchen island available in every interior variant. Such a solution is extremely rare even in the largest motorhomes.

A two-person shower cubicle with a 1.5-meter-long shower tray, which in Poland is more often typical for the length of the bath, may be equally surprising. Due to the fact that the walls on both sides of the caravan slide outwards , the amount of space inside the vehicle is really impressive.

Presidential 2014 comes in four variants, each bearing the name of the American president: Adams, Jefferson, Washington, and Maidison . The various versions, however, differ incomparably less than the statesmen after whom they are named.

A fireplace in the caravan as standard

Each Presidential has a 100 gallon (378 liter) fresh water tank. The gray water container has the same capacity. For the worst contamination, a tank half the size must be enough. Each trailer has four sleeping places .

The equipment includes, among others air conditioning, fireplace, two-compartment sink, two-door refrigerator, spacious microwave oven, 32-inch TV, DVD with Sound Surround system. The solid furniture and table tops made of solid maple wood make a great impression. The toilet in the bathroom is ceramic, of course, and the shower door is made of glass.

For an additional fee, the trailer can be retrofitted, among others for a reversing camera, dishwasher, washer-dryer , as well as for additional heating of the bedroom.

Of course, we cannot attach such a monster to a small passenger car. In order to pull a vehicle with a maximum permissible weight of 8.5 tonnes , you will need at least a pickup. The prices at which Presidential can be purchased range from PLN 79 to 125 thousand. dollars. Of course, in America.

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