TEC Travel Style trailer - caravanning from scratch

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The Travel Style is the basic model from among the three available in the TEC offer. What distinguishes it from the outside is a round window, somewhat reminiscent of a ship's cabin, as well as a raised roof with walls made of fabric, mounted on request.

The Travel Style caravan is made on the Al-Ko chassis. The front wall, rear wall and the roof are made of fiberglass , which should protect the vehicle against hail and other difficult weather conditions.

Soft and with ventilation

Inside the vehicle, adequate air circulation is ensured by ventilated furniture - the air circulates through openings in sofas and cabinets. The manufacturer tried to use the surface of the trailer to the maximum, hence a large number of compartments (space for gas cylinders is located in the external compartment).

The drawers are equipped with a soft closing system . On-board controls are integrated in the panel above the door - thanks to this, they are all in one place.

Equipment without revelation

Travel Style is available in six versions. The basic one is variant 390 , the length of which (without the hook) is 450 cm . The trailer with accessories weighs 897 kg, and it can be loaded with a load of 203 kg. Two people can stay in this model. The standard equipment includes Truma SL 3002 heating, a refrigerator with a capacity of 108 liters and a 44-liter water tank.

You can have a waste water tank for an extra charge , as can a two-person tent that pulls up from the roof. There is a bathroom available, but the model description does not indicate a shower tray as standard. LED lamps are mounted in the ceiling (by the sunroof) and above kitchen cabinets, but they are much smaller than in the models of competitors.

The top version of the 490 GK has the same standard equipment, but is able to accommodate up to 5 people. This is possible thanks to a double bed, single bunk beds and a single pull-out bed. The length of the trailer is 578 cm . The weight in running order is 1,092 kg - you can also recharge 208 kg.

There are also models in lengths: 469 cm, 476 cm, 509 cm and 534 cm . They usually have 3 beds.

Colorful interiors

The interiors look neat and quite modern, thanks to the colorful upholstery of sofas and beds in green or navy blue, as well as the combination of wood-colored furniture with lots of white surfaces . An additional distinguishing feature of TEC Travel Style trailers is a large round window mounted in the door or side wall (depending on the version).

The new model of the trailer in Germany costs about 15 thousand. euro.

To sum up, TEC Travel Style is the basic caravan in the manufacturer's offer and its affordable availability is to constitute the main advantage over the competition models. Certain interior and exterior trim elements are to make this vehicle a bit more original, but if we are looking for something that will surprise us with unique solutions, we should look elsewhere. Travel Style is, however, a good proposition for those who are just starting their adventure with caravanning and do not have very high requirements.

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