Inos - enlarge the room with the button

Inos - enlarge the room with the button – main image

Just press one button to gain an additional 5 square meters of space. Is that a lot? It turns out that it is. The interior of Inos, after sliding the seating area apart, is really spacious.

The sliding part has both a large double bed and a sofa. After sliding this part off, the caravan will present a neat shape from the outside, but the corridor will disappear from the inside. This means that you need to move the room apart to be able to move around on the caravan.

However, such a solution serves a good layout of the living space. It is worth noting that Inos has a really spacious bathroom with a shower, sink, toilet and separate ventilation. The bathroom floor was lined with non-slip material.

Pretty and stable

The trailer is made of glass-fiber reinforced plastic. There are no wooden elements in the outer sheathing. The laminate used is - according to the manufacturer - durable and easy to repair in the event of damage. Another plus is that the roof and the front part of the caravan form one whole, without any joint. The good appearance of the trailer is certainly influenced by the standard 14-inch alloy wheels.

Inos - enlarge the room with the button – image 1

The vehicle is 7 meters long (with the hook 8.3 meters), 2.7 meters high and 2.3 meters wide (when extended - 2.9 meters). The permissible total weight is 2.5 tons, and the trailer itself with its equipment weighs 2 tons.

The significant advantages of the trailer also include the Winterhoff clutch, which guarantees stability while driving. The system has electronic sensors which activate the brake when the trailer starts to wobble.

Heated floor as standard

The interior is pleasantly surprised with walnut-colored furniture with stainless steel inserts. The interior of this Brit is significantly different from the more famous German or French caravans in our part of Europe. It can be said that the whole thing has been arranged less sterile and more homely, which many customers will surely like.

A maximum of six people can stay in Inos. They will be able to use three double beds. The largest is the alcove, 1.9 mx 1.4 m. Folding sofas are also available, 2.2 mx 0.65 m and 1.9 mx 1.4 m.

Inos - enlarge the room with the button – image 2

The basic equipment can be considered very rich. Inos will provide us with the Alde heating system at no extra charge, which includes both underfloor heating and water heating (boiler capacity is 12 l / h). The trailer also has a 40-liter clean water tank and a double water pump. The kitchen has a fridge with a freezer compartment and a stainless steel sink. In Inos there is space for two propane-butane cylinders, and individual devices can be powered by both gas and 230V electricity. There are also 12V sockets.

The manufacturer ensures that the specificity depends on the customer's order. Each trailer is assembled by hand, taking into account the order details. There are two standard prices and they depend on whether we choose a vehicle with a single or a tandem axle. The first version will cost at least £ 36,000, the second £ 38,000.

Inos - enlarge the room with the button – image 1
Inos - enlarge the room with the button – image 2
Inos - enlarge the room with the button – image 3
Inos - enlarge the room with the button – image 4

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