The Sterling Elite trailer - everything you can expect

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Sterling is a British brand belonging to the Swift Group . The company produces cabins, campers based on vans, but most of all caravans, including the most expensive caravan, Sterling Elite.

Sterling Elite belongs to the group of large trailers. It comes in two lengths. The smaller model is the 7.32 m Sterling Elite Amber with a single axle. The weight of this trailer in running order is 1521 kg. The Explorer and Seacher versions are larger - their length is 7.99 meters and the weight is 1663 and 1672 kg, respectively.

The smallest Elite Amber caravan can be purchased for £ 22,240 . The Seacher requires £ 24,570 and the Explorer £ 24,675. For comparison - the prices of the cheapest, 6-meter Sterling trailers start at 16,000. pounds.

Spacious interior

In the case of the Elite model, the differences between the individual interior variants are slight. In each case, on the left side of the door you will find a table with sofas on both sides. The sofas can be unfolded, transforming them into a bed.

There is a typical kitchen area opposite the entrance. What distinguishes it from the trailers of popular German producers is a kitchen with an oven and a separate grill . Three burners are gas powered, but one is electric (800 W).

On the right side of the entrance you will find wardrobes, a large fridge with a freezer compartment (190 + 35 liters), and then a double bed (the sleeping area can be separated from the living area with a door). In total, Sterling Elite offers four beds .

In each Elite version, the bathroom is located at the end , behind the part with a large bed. It covers the entire width of the trailer. Behind the sliding door you will find a chemical toilet, a washbasin and a shower cubicle. There is a lot of space in the bathroom for camping conditions.

It's okay, but no surprises

Both from the outside and inside, Sterling Elite does not surprise with anything special. The slightly streamlined shape and large windows make the caravan fit in with the current trends. It is similar inside. The interior layouts are well thought out but typical. Light wood (referred to by the manufacturer as Italian ash), gray upholstery, chrome elements, LED lighting indicate a relatively high standard, but well known from trailers from other manufacturers.

What distinguishes Elite caravans should be sought rather in the details and details of the equipment. In the bathroom you will find an interesting Alde radiator, which is also a towel rail , a nicely designed device control panel located above the door, you can also appreciate the convenient external connection of the shower (just insert the end of the shower hose into the appropriate hole).

The basic equipment is rich, as evidenced by the presence of solar panels as standard . The Elite model also has a microwave oven, and the bathroom has a two-way, three-speed roof fan.

The tanks are not big. The chemical toilet has a capacity of 18 liters, and the clean water tank holds 30 liters (you can also use a pump). There are as many as six 230 V sockets in the caravan. For an additional fee, you can buy, for example, a roof air conditioner.

Sterling Elite is a large and well-designed trailer with quite rich equipment. Perhaps it will not make someone shout "wow!" from the impression, but it should provide great comfort during any campground. This is probably one of those products that do not arouse great enthusiasm at the first meeting, but the more time passes, the more we appreciate them.

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