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I recently had the opportunity to live for a while in a Hobby caravan, which I received for testing from a dealer of this brand, i.e. CarGO Pomorze.

I may surprise you, but it was my first trip with a "larger" trailer for many years, because I usually travel with campers or my private set, i.e. VW Transporter T6 with a light trailer (750 kg GVW) TearDrop type.

Camper or trailer?


Maybe first I will try to answer the question that is asked, probably by everyone who starts their adventure with caravanning: "Camper or trailer?" A camper gives us a lot of independence and allows us to move faster than when we pull a trailer.

There is much more space in a trailer than in a camper. There are many more storage spaces, cabinets and general living space than in a camper. You can leave the trailer at the campsite and go to explore the surrounding area in a comfortable car. You can even leave such a trailer at the campsite for the entire season.

However, in a camper there is a much larger clean water tank than in the trailer and an equally large dirty water tank. In a trailer, the clean water tank is much smaller because, for example, in a camper the standard capacity is about 150 liters and 130 liters for dirty water, in a trailer the clean water tank is usually about 40 liters, and we have to collect the dirty water into a tank on wheels placed under the trailer, which you need to take for a walk and pour out in the right place.

These are the main differences between a camper and a trailer, and what are the advantages of a trailer?

Bedroom in the Hobby 545 KMF trailer

The Hobby 545 KMF trailer is one of the most popular trailers on the market and if someone is thinking about buying it for resale in a few years, they will definitely not find a problem here and will sell it straight away.

The main advantage of this trailer is that it has as many as 6 sleeping places, and children receive their own private bunk bed in the back of the trailer. Interesting note: you can also order a model with a triple bunk bed!


Each floor is equipped with an atmospheric lamp in the shape of a teddy bear, which our kids loved. Each bed is also equipped with a separate window that can be opened and covered with a mosquito net or blackout blind.

Another permanent bed, i.e. one that does not have to be folded and unfolded every day, is located at the front of the trailer and can accommodate 2 adults. There is a huge storage space under the bed, which can easily accommodate camping chairs, a table and even a large vestibule. The bed was very comfortable.


The third bed is located in the middle of the trailer in place of the table. To unfold them, simply unlock the lever under the table top and lower it, while slightly lifting the fronts of the mattresses from the seats around the table. Then we need to add one mattress, which we need to hide somewhere when not in use (e.g. under the front bed) and we have another two comfortable sleeping places.

Trailer with GVM 1650kg

Another advantage of the tested trailer is its GVM (Permissible Gross Weight) of 1,650 kg. As you know, each passenger car has a maximum trailer weight specified in the registration certificate in section Q1 that it can tow. This is not about the trailer's own weight, but about the trailer's GVM, i.e. how much the trailer weighs plus the weight of what we put in it.

In the case of the Hobby 545 KMF trailer, in the De Luxe equipment version, the GVM is so low that it can be towed by virtually any car available on the Polish market.

Trailer equipment in the De Luxe version


When reading the "DE LUXE" marking on the trailer, one gets the impression that it is a rather high version of equipment, but it is completely different. De Luxe in Hobby trailers means completely basic equipment, which is configured by the manufacturer in such a way that it has everything a beginner caravanner may need. You can even hitch up the trailer at the dealer right after purchase and go straight for your first vacation.

And I really have to agree with this, because we didn't miss anything during the 2 weeks of using the trailer, and we received it as new. The only elements that were added by the dealer were an awning and a TV with a DVBT antenna, but we did not use these facilities even once.

If I had to complain about something, it would be that in this very basic equipment they could have added at least one 230V socket on the table side, because when sitting at the table, to connect e.g. a laptop, you had to pull the cable from the opposite side of the trailer.

Another thing that would make me like the trailer more would be additional lights that could create the right atmosphere in the trailer in the evening. We will get such details in higher versions.

Bathroom in the Hobby 545 KMF trailer


The layout of the KMF trailer is also unique in that it has a spacious bathroom with a separate shower cabin. Unfortunately, a small clean water tank (49 liters) allows a maximum of 2 people to use the shower, and with very little water consumption by these people.

An additional problem with using the shower is the 20-liter dirty water tank. Therefore, if you would like to use this facility in your caravan every day, you should look for campsites that have sewerage directly on the plot. The gray water can then be emptied on an ongoing basis by connecting to the sewage system.

An additional convenience will be the trailer's equipping with a CITY connector, through which we will be connected to constant access to clean water.

See what campsites in Poland offer such amenities: Campsites? Preferably with water and sewage!

Kitchen in a caravan


The kitchen in the tested trailer is equipped with a three-burner gas stove and a sink. Another advantage over a camper is that all kitchen cabinets are very spacious and can accommodate all the necessary dishes and food.

However, such a large kitchen lacks a worktop. When we open the cooker lid, unfortunately we are left with about 40 cm of countertop, which is definitely not enough to comfortably prepare a meal.


The arrangement of furniture and beds in the Hobby 545 KMF trailer is very comfortable and we definitely like it. I can fully recommend it to families with children. As one of our readers noted, this arrangement has one most important advantage: the parents' bed is located right next to the exit door ;)


However, if you are still wondering whether to choose a trailer or a camper, unfortunately everyone has to answer this question individually, because a lot depends on your travel style.

Personally, I prefer to change the place every 2 days and move faster, so for our type of travel I would choose a camper, but if I were to rest more stationary, I would definitely choose a trailer that can, for example, be kept somewhere by the sea all season long, and put it on some ground for the winter. year-round camping in the Alps and go there even just for weekends.

And I must admit that this is on my mind more and more often.

Test video

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