Caravanning Salon 2017 - what awaits us in Poznań?

Caravanning Salon 2017 - what awaits us in Poznań? – main image

During this year's edition of the Motor Show in Poznań, campers, caravans and caravanning accessories will be shown in three halls! Only one hall more is planned for the exhibition of passenger cars as part of the Motor Show. So it cannot be denied that caravanning in Poland is gaining in importance.

We already know the list of exhibitors, and in the case of two of them we also know what they want to focus on this year.

Pilote Group - towards comfort and luxury

In hall 2 CarGO! will present, among others a fully integrated model Bavaria I740 C in the Allure version. The car, which is more than 7 meters long, offers four comfortable beds, including a queen-size double bed. In addition to the extensive equipment, the attention is also drawn to the large luggage space, amounting to almost 2,000 liters.

Certainly, the semi-integrated Bavaria T 716 P model in the Style version will be a slightly cheaper motorhome. Up to 5 people can stay in the vehicle. The motorhome has an independent bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin, a fully equipped kitchenette and an electrically lowered bed (from the ceiling in the living room), as well as Truma heating.

The second brand presented by Car-GO! it's Pilote . The Pilote V630F may prove to be a particularly good solution for traveling couples who are looking for a small and economical car, but without sacrificing comfort. The advantage of the vehicle is its relatively small, 2-meter width. The equipment of the vehicle includes, among others a refrigerator with a capacity of 141 liters, a bathroom and a large, panoramic roof.

For those who need a larger vehicle, the Pilote P746 C may be suitable. The chassis of Fiat Ducato, wider than the standard one, and the body length of 7.5 meters, will provide users with a comfortable holiday. To make it even more comfortable, the manufacturer has installed a queen size double bed, a special Bultex mattress, and the seats are made of high-resilience foam.

Among fully integrated motorhomes, the Pilote G650L deserves attention. Car-GO! will show in Poznań the richest version of Emotion , equipped with, among others in an over 6-inch multimedia screen with a connected reversing camera. The system also includes a CD, DVD and Bluetooth radio with an external USB connection. The G650L can take 4 people on board, who will find a large number of wardrobes, lockers and a spacious bathroom with an extended shower cabin on a length of 6.5 meters.

campery_ Sprzedaż_la_voyageur-61-600x400jpg

A novelty in the Car-GO offer! are Le Voyageur motorhomes . The Polish distributor will show the Liner 874GD model. As the representatives of the company announce, the main advantage of this brand is attention to details and interior finishing. You can feel the "scent of splendor" inside the vehicle. The bedroom provides comfort on two separate beds, and in the front space of the vehicle there is a large double bed. There is also a garage that can accommodate a quad bike, and the vehicle is equipped with a washing machine.

Hobbies - technology in trailers

The distributor of the German brand Hobby will also present a wide range of vehicles. At the stand in hall 2, we will be able to see for ourselves whether the doors in caravans, which have been widened by 40 mm , actually make a big difference when getting in or out. Along with the surface of the door, the windows in them, through which more light enters the trailer, have grown larger. The inside of the door has practically compartments, a waste bin and an insect net. The door has been sealed and the internal hinges act as anti-theft protection.


This year, Hobby also wants to highlight less visible elements, such as the Knott-ANS automatic brake adjustment system . It detects wear on the brake pads, automatically adjusting the braking force so that it is always the same on both wheels. This allows the trailer to stabilize much faster during emergency braking. Importantly, this system is now fitted as standard in all Hobby caravans.

The ETS + stabilization system prepared by Knott has been designed especially for Hobby and will be available for the first time this season. While driving, the sensor monitors the movements of the trailer. The data obtained is analyzed in real time and classified as safe or unsafe. If a real danger is detected, the system brakes immediately. The system ensures the stability of driving the set even during sudden side gusts of wind or while driving on uneven surfaces.

Hobby will also present the CI-BUS technology , which makes all functions and devices in the caravan or motorhome easy to manage and control from the central TFT panel . For the 2017 season, Hobby has announced its own application that will allow you to control all technology on board from the outside - via mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Another new feature for Hobby trailers is the fully automatic satellite system CAP 650 from Kathrein . Although the rotating antenna is only 21 cm high, it offers a similar range to the much larger models. The system is operated via the Hobby TFT control panel. The control unit allows you to connect each TV and receiver to a SAT tuner. It is worth mentioning that any two receivers can be integrated with the system.

Caravanning Salon Exhibitors

In addition, in the halls dedicated to caravanning, their presence was announced, among others companies: 2-N Everpol, AllCamp, Benimar, Camp & Trailer, Camp-Rent,, Dandis, Dometic, Ebac, Eberspaecher, Elcamp, Ena, Wadowscy Group, Bracia Klaja (Świat Caravaningu), M&K Foam, MTM, Polski Caravaning , Rybczyńscy, S-Camp, S-Trans.


And, of course, we will be there to report on the most important attractions of the Caravanning Salon for you.

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