A positive result of the Caravan Salon fair in Dusseldorf

A positive result of the Caravan Salon fair in Dusseldorf – main image

The jubilee, sixtieth caravanning fair organized in Düsseldorf has recently gone down in history. The event, which ended on Sunday, September 5, lasted a total of 10 days and, judging by the moods of exhibitors and visitors, it met the expectations of the groups. Despite the restrictions related to the pandemic, the number of visitors exceeded the organizer's wildest predictions - the fair was visited by a total of 185 thousand. people, which only confirms the primacy of the event among industry events in the world.

Once again, the needs of business partners and individual clients have been perfectly reconciled. In one place you could see the news and contract recreational vehicles and accessories. In total, 653 exhibitors from 31 countries presented themselves in 13 exhibition halls. The formula of the fair was slightly different than before - the tourism fair and exhibitors related to this industry were combined with Caravan Salon. Next to tourist regions and national organizations, there were several stands devoted to dedicated booking applications and search engines for tourist facilities.

Caravanning is still in fashion


The industry boom we have seen since the beginning of the pandemic seems to be endless. The interest of novices is amazing - people visiting the fair for the first time account for as much as 41% of the above number of visitors, including many young families with children! The safety and sense of freedom that caravanning gives us all have made this form of recreation extremely popular.

Producers agree that for them the proverbial "stick in the spokes" is the situation on the market of materials and components. Deficiencies in the supply chain and uncertainty in this regard translate into very long delivery times. The factories are working at full capacity, and even so, customers have to wait 10-12 months for their dream vehicles (even 18 months for some manufacturers from the premium segment). As a result, dealers are also limited in their ability to "stock" or even order a demonstration fleet.

No revolution


However, those who expected the presentation of revolutionary solutions and breakthrough technologies were deluded. Walking through the exhibition halls, one could get the impression that everything had already been invented. During the exploration of the next stands, we did not notice too many knocking-out novelties. With the current demand, companies tend to focus on satisfying current production needs, while development and research in this direction have definitely found themselves in the background. More and more manufacturers are presenting models based on the new Fiat Ducato, which we could see live for the first time. The changes compared to the competition seem to be cosmetic, we will have to wait for the opinions of users and experts. The lack of one of the most important players on the market - the HYMER group was clearly noticeable. Considering the significant market share and the fact that under the umbrella of the concern there are such famous brands as Bürstner, Carado, Dethleffs, Eriba, Etrusco, Hymer, Laika, LMC, Niesmann + Bischoff, Sunlight or Movera and Goldschmitt, there was a shortage of very noticeable. Hymer's policy currently foresees a presence at every second fair.

In our opinion, it is worth noting the dynamic development of the premium / ultra premium segment - the moods of producers are excellent, and the pandemic has in no way limited the purchasing aspirations of the wealthy part of the clientele. Also, the waiting time for top-shelf brands (Morelo, Concorde, Volkner, VARIOmobil) configured to order often exceeds 12 months.

The market giants presented new systems and models, the most interesting of which you will find in our photo report and in the films that we will publish in our pages and via our YouTube channel in the near future.

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