How to operate the toilet in the motorhome?

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What do we need at home first? Toilets. The same is true for a motorhome or caravan. It is a certain indicator of independence in travel. But how to operate the toilet in the motorhome?

Of course, when possible, it is best to use the sanitary facilities at campsites, parking lots and other places, and keep the "home" restroom for special occasions. However, there is nothing to cheat, even the rarely used toilet will have to be emptied one day.

Toilet in the motorhome

Chemical toilets are made of two parts, separated by a latch. In the lower part, impurities accumulate, and the upper part is a shell with a cover and (most often) a water tank for flushing the toilet.


The toilet is flushed with a mechanical or electric pump. Some campers have a special tank from which water is taken to rinse the device. If the car does not have one, the water comes from the motorhome's main water tank. Unfortunately, special chemicals cannot be added to the general tank, such as are designed to eliminate unpleasant odors.

The most common type of toilet is a portable toilet. A modern device of this type can be equipped with a number of amenities, such as a toilet fill indicator, mounted wheels or handles, thanks to which you do not have to lift the tank (sometimes several dozen liters).

Remember about chemicals

To maintain the cleanliness, efficiency and hygiene of the toilet, use chemical preparations intended for portable toilets. Before using the toilet, open the latch and drop the tablet into the sanitary cassette. However, remember to close it for the duration of the trip. After draining the water, the measures begin to work. They accelerate the breakdown of dirt and toilet paper, while reducing the growth of bacteria and the production of unpleasant odors and gases.


The chemical toilet and other types of toilets used in the motorhome and caravan use a special paper that dissolves easily in water and does not clog the pipes. Most often it is double-fluted paper made of cellulose, an easily dissolving material.

You can do it!

CarGO argues that emptying the toilet is nothing terrible. If the mere thought of handling such a reservoir causes you to come into contact with the gastric contents in your throat, think that you will most likely not come into contact with the contents of the cassette at all. If you are concerned about bacteria, you can wear gloves.

There are special drainage basins for emptying toilets on campsites and in large car parks. If there is no such convenience, the waste can also be disposed of in an ordinary toilet, e.g. at a gas station.


How to do it? First, close the latch of the sanitary cassette. The toilet door is usually on the left side of the back of the motorhome. Open them and remove the cassette - there is a special handle for this. Now go to the waste disposal area. Open the tank and pour out its contents.

Often there will be a special shower faucet next to the waste discharge point, which looks a bit like a garden hose. It is used to rinse the cassette. We also pour the washings to the indicated place.

Screw the blank cassette on and put it back in place. Go back to the camper and throw in the chemical tablet by pouring water over it. And that's all J. Not that scary, is it?

Be sure to watch the video prepared by CarGO, which shows how to operate the toilet in a motorhome.


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