Bürstner Delfin Harmony Line - a classic in a new version

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When Bürstner launched the Delfin in 2003, it was a significant event in the company's history. The colorful and bold exterior design attracted the eye and with time it became something of an icon in the manufacturer's offer.

17 years later, the brand decided to reintroduce the Delfin to its portfolio - in a fresh version, with new equipment and modernized exterior and interior design.

The offer includes 7 layouts with lengths from 695 to 742 cm with a total height of 295 cm (width is 232 cm). The GVM of each of them is 3.5 tons. Most variants offer 2 to 5 sleeping places.

The Harmony Line version, to which this material is devoted, is characterized by a beautiful exterior veneer (mocca or blue color), the silver color of the entire cab, including the bumper, and (or perhaps most of all) important equipment elements.

In addition to the "appetizing" design and body line, the attention is drawn to perfectly selected 16-inch alloy wheels , wide entrance doors with glazing (of course, as standard, they are equipped with a pleat, garbage can, double bolt and central locking), double and tinted windows in aluminum frames, and also a roof made of laminate resin.

Space above all

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By design, the interior of the vehicles is to be spacious and allow for full freedom of movement - the living room and kitchen constitute one open space.

The fold-down bed in the front part is an option (in the T680 G model it is included in the standard equipment). The large front sunroof "does the job". It is also equipped with an integrated mosquito net and a blackout pleat.

Importantly - the floor along the entire length of the vehicle is made on one level (without steps). The height of the interior is 212 cm - ideal conditions even for tall people.


Multi-zone mattresses made of high-quality foam, integrated blinds in the windows, a refrigerator with a capacity of 142l and a rich, exclusive system lighting package (many discreet light scenes, especially within the cabinets) are standard elements that show that the manufacturer takes care of our comfort. When you add the exclusive Harmony Line upholstery with an embroidered logo and varnished furniture fronts, you can feel like in an exclusive hotel.

The cockpit also looks nice from the driver's perspective. From the comfortable, exclusively hemmed airplane seats with the "Harmony Line" logo, we have a view of the dashboard equipped with chrome and aluminum applications, as well as a multifunctional leather steering wheel. We find here a passenger airbag, manual air conditioning, cruise control, traction control system and a speed limiter. Daytime running lights in LED technology are a matter of course in this class, as is the pre-installed radio installation with an antenna.

Full personalization


The base vehicle may be a Fiat Ducato or a Citroen Jumper. Power units with a displacement of 2.2 l as standard have 120 horse power. Optionally, we can choose the 140 hp or 160 hp (Fiat) / 165 hp (Citroen) version. In the case of Ducato, we can choose one of the two variants with an automatic transmission (140/160 HP).

A multitude of optional packages allows for additional vehicle customization. For fans of winter journeys, it may be interesting, for example, the WINTER package containing 2 additional heaters to protect the gray water tank, electric floor heating, heating of the driver and passenger seats and the upgrade of the heating system to Combi 6E (with an additional electric heater).

We have full freedom in the field of factory-installed multimedia and navigation systems (Fiat Uconnect, Navgate, Pioneer). Among the interesting additions is even the high-class Oyster system, which will ensure proper reception and propagation of the internet signal. When choosing the new Ducato, we can also choose an advanced lane assistant system, recognition of road signs or stopping pedestrians entering the road.

Durability and ... freedom

To sum up ... The standard equipment of Delfin motorhomes in the Harmony Line variant is rich and allows us to enjoy freedom from the very first moment. A thick floor (49 mm) makes the structure rigid and provides good insulation, just like the entire building does not contain any structural elements made of wood - it is a simple recipe for longevity and maintaining high value.

The manufacturer's declared curb weight of the T736 version with a total length of 742 cm is 2,985 kg as standard (it is only 120 kg more than the smallest T660). Regardless of the model, the Dolphins take 125 liters of clean water on board (including the boiler capacity), and the gray water tank will hold 90 liters. The capacity of a standard AGM battery located in the body is 95 Ah.

The authorized representative of the Bürstner brand in Poland is the Bürstner Polska company from Poznań. Dealer's website and currently available cars: https://www.buerstner.pl/ Sprzedaż-kamperow-i-przyster-kawodowych/

The service partners and authorized resellers of this renowned manufacturer are also WCC (Warsaw Caravanning Center) from Warsaw and Elcamp RV from Krakow.

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