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The first signs of spring are already visible. More and more sun and warm days encourage you to go somewhere for a short vacation, especially since in the south of Europe temperatures exceed 20 degrees Celsius. You can do it really quickly - all you need to do is rent a camper .


You don't have to have your own camping car to travel on your own terms. At you will find a model tailored to your needs.

Who is a rental camper for?

If you have always dreamed of traveling through Europe in a camper, the coming period is perfect to implement these plans. If you take only 7 days off from Easter to the May weekend, you can organize a 16-day trip.


If you cannot afford such a holiday or, for example, you have never rented a car before, it is worth considering a few days in Poland, especially since the low season is still in effect at until April 24, 2019 , where the price is only PLN 240 PLN per day.

The rental company offers the following cars: Pla Yes 690, Pla Plasy P70G, Auto Roller 278 M, Caravan International 95 M, Kronos 284 M, Auto Roller 277, Auto Roller 298 TL, Kronos 865 TL (manual and automatic), Kronos 279 M, Auto Roller 284 TL. The cars are new and regularly serviced.


If you have never driven a camping car before, the staff of will advise you which model will be perfect for a person just starting their adventure with caravanning. Renting a camper is also an ideal opportunity to get to know the vehicle and check whether such a vacation suits us and our loved ones.

Another interesting option is to buy a camper and earn money on the car when you are not using it. Wynają has prepared an offer that you can read in the article Camper as a source of income .

What to remember when renting a camper?

The most important thing is an appropriate driving license . Usually, all we need is a category B driving license. Then the permissible total weight of the vehicle cannot exceed 3,500 kg (including passengers and luggage). When we need a larger and heavier vehicle, with a total weight over 3,500 kg (but not more than 7,500 kg), we should have category C1 or C.


Another issue is reservations . Let's remember about them well in advance. If we want to enjoy the camper at the time we choose, we have to order it several weeks (and sometimes even months) in advance. It is also good to remember this when it comes to camping sites, because during the season it may turn out that there will be no place for us in the selected facility. In many countries you cannot park your camper anywhere. What's more, you can't even drive them into many cities, and you have to leave the car, e.g. at a campsite.


Also remember to have spare keys and a copy of the documents from the rental company. Wynajwó provides a package of third party liability insurance , AC and assistance with a purchased rental option . It is very important.

A camper trip is an amazing experience, and if you go on it with a suitable, efficient and well-equipped vehicle, you will certainly feel like doing more!

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