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It has been known for a long time that the preferences and needs of customers are radically different on each side of the Atlantic. No wonder then that the wishes of demanding customers are followed by producers who try to adapt their offer to the requirements of potential buyers. Motorhomes built on the basis of popular vans like Fiat Ducato are very popular on the European market. Larger structures - apart from their price - do not exist in our road conditions for a simple reason - they are built on the basis of buses. What's different from overseas.

Different realities

The reality of North America is completely different than in Europe . Huge spaces and thousands of miles between states only fuel the popularity of mobile apartments . Among the numerous manufacturers that meet the expectations of wealthy caravanners, we can find, among others , the German company Volkner . The Mobil Bus model stands out in its catalog - it offers almost unlimited possibilities of configuration, arrangement and personalization of the interior. From the outside, Mobil Bus does not stand out - just a shapely body enriched with patterned stickers . Only tinted windows, lockers of various sizes and numerous vents may suggest to outside observers that they are not dealing with an ordinary cruise bus.

The power unit also does not reflect European realities - coming straight from the bus consumes a significant amount of diesel fuel . On the other hand, a customer paying over $ 1.2 million does not pay attention to it. Nevertheless, the driver's workplace ( a category B driving license is not enough ) is nothing like a cab in a bus. A spacious leather armchair with independent armrests, electric adjustment and its own shock absorption ensures extraordinary comfort . On the other hand, numerous electronic systems and an automatic gearbox will only make it easier for the driver to reach his destination.

Apartment with any address

The interior of Mobil Bus presents a completely different level than in popular motorhomes. A full-size kitchen with a four-burner stove, oven, microwave, spacious refrigerator and dishwasher is located in the very center of the vehicle. Depending on the interior configuration, there is a lounge behind the cab. A large leather sofa (of course color and texture to choose from), as well as a table . The whole is complemented by discreet lighting and the highest quality of finish. In the further part of the vehicle we find a real bathroom with a normal toilet, large shower and lots of cupboards. I will only mention the sleeping area as a matter of duty - it can easily accommodate all residents.

Mobile garage

The real advantage of this model is located under the passenger compartment, between the axles - Mobil Bus is almost 14 meters long . The manufacturer, thinking about demanding customers who do not want to part with their favorite sports car, also provided a garage . After opening the bottom side flap, the hidden car slides out with the help of electric actuators .

The biggest problem that we will meet on our way when buying Volkner Mobil Bus - apart from the price - will be the configuration. Choosing the only configuration , type of finishing materials and colors will cause a lot of problems.

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