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The love of traveling manifests itself in a completely different way for many people. Some, regardless of the cost, use travel agencies to fly first class to famous resorts. For other people, the approach to the subject is quite different - after all, visiting and planning a holiday according to your own ideas is no less exciting - especially when driving.

When traveling through Europe, most drivers use campers or tow a trailer with usually rich equipment. Unfortunately - the mobility and functionality of such a set, especially in cities, leaves much to be desired, which provokes reflection.

Practical for everyday use

For decades, buses and vans of various types and sizes have been very popular among people who spend their free time actively. Users appreciated them primarily for shapely bodies concealing spacious and adjustable interiors. Currently, one of the most interesting large VANs is Volkswagen Transporter , available in several versions. In my opinion, the most interesting is the Multivan dedicated to passionate travelers.

The differences from the working Transporter are visible to the naked eye. The interior is made of significantly better finishing materials , the manufacturer also took care of rich equipment - of course optional. Passengers can count on three-zone air conditioning, an extensive audio system, leather upholstery, navigation and parking heating (electric or diesel fuel). Under the hood of the Multivan there is a well-known 2.0 TDI diesel engine with a power of up to 180 HP - we can also buy an automatic transmission (DSG) and a 4x4 drive.

Everyday interior

In one configuration of the passenger compartment, we have two independent (rotated) seats in the first and second row, and a three-seater bench in the third. Between the first and second row there is a folding table that can be folded up or taken out of the car at any time - just like the armchairs and the couch.

Versatile nature

We can easily transform a seven-person interior into a bedroom for two. The second and third row seats, when folded out, create a perfect, flat sleeping space . To isolate yourself from the surroundings, it is enough to cover the optional blinds or curtains. Undoubtedly, a significant disadvantage of the interior is the small distance between the bed and the ceiling - the situation is also saved by the lifting roof, which is included in the list of options. The element made of plastic is kept in the open position thanks to steel supports. The tightness of the cabin is ensured by a textile filling, at the customer's request equipped with vents and windows.

As befits a Volkswagen - we have a huge number of functional accessories to choose from, useful during holiday trips. By paying a few thousand zlotys, we can equip the Multivan with an awning and factory-made tourist equipment hidden in the trunk. The mentioned set includes a folding table and two armchairs, as well as a portable gas stove.

Volkswagen Transporter Multivan will fulfill the role of a camper for undemanding people, a small usable space will force us to carefully plan each escapade. Depending on the level of equipment, the prices range from PLN 140,000 to over PLN 200,000 .

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