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Weinsberg produces caravans and motorhomes in van, semi-integrated and alcove versions over the driver's head. Let's look at the latter option.

All Weinsberg motorhomes are based on Fiat Ducato. There are three drive units to choose from - 2.0 l., 2.3 l. And 3.0 l. Multijet.

We have six body versions. The shortest 600 MG model is available with one interior layout. The 650 MG model comes in three variants, and the longest 700 MX - in two. This already shows which version the manufacturer pays the most attention to, probably expecting that the "medium" version will be the most popular. The permissible total weight of each model is 3.5 tonnes.

Even for six

I must admit that the shortest model, measuring 599 cm , is indeed the tightest. It is also worth paying attention to the smallest wheelbase - 345 cm. The small size is especially noticeable in the bathroom part. To use the toilet, you need to move the sink - fortunately, you can do it with one hand movement.

It will come as no surprise that we will find more space in a 698 cm motorhome. The wheelbase in this case is 380 cm. The interiors of the three different versions differ in layout, which is primarily related to a different solution to the issue of sleeping places.

The 650 MG model has two separate beds, the 650 MFH model has a double bed at the rear, set parallel to the axis of the vehicle and a lowered (connected to the ceiling during the day) double bed at the front . The folding bed can also be found in the MGH version, but here the rear bed is positioned across the motorhome.

Thanks to the installation of additional berths, up to 6 people can sleep in the last two versions.

More convenience

Surprisingly, this is not possible for the largest vehicles, whose length is 743 cm and the wheelbase is 403 cm. The 700 MG variant has four, and the 700 MX has only three berths.

There is also no spacious kitchen area in any of the motorhomes described. The three- burner gas stove is shaped like a triangle and, together with a small sink, takes up practically the entire worktop.

The longest versions of the motorhome can boast a shower cubicle separated from the bathroom , more inventive storage spaces and a garage. The two longest vehicles are designed not for those who want to travel in larger groups, but for those who want more comfort. The 700 MX version even has bedside tables located on both sides of the large bed (200x140 cm).

Very standard equipment

Large sunroofs and lamps ensure that each vehicle is bright. While the glass surfaces are large and provide a sufficient supply of light, there could be more lamps.

Standard equipment is typical for this type of vehicle. For an additional fee, the 107-liter refrigerator can be exchanged for a 190-liter model. A heated waste water tank is also available. For an additional fee, we can also replace the Truma Combi 4 or Combi 6 gas heating system with the 6E gas-electric version.

The cheapest 600 MG model costs 39,390 euros in Germany. The price of the basic "medium" models is 40,430 euros, and the two largest motorhomes are available from 42,500 euros.

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