Westfalia - a cult brand in a modern version

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The Westfalia brand is certainly one of the world's most iconic recreational vehicle manufacturers. When the first VW T1 motorhome with the designation SO34 rolled off the assembly line 60 years ago, hardly anyone could have guessed that after such a long time these cars would become icons and objects of desire for many generations.

The manufacturer from the German Wiedenbrück relies on the quality and flexibility of solutions from the very beginning of the production of recreational vehicles. The structures bearing the Westfalia logo that have survived to our times are a living proof that the above are not just empty advertising slogans.

Currently, the portfolio includes 20 models, and the network of distributors and service partners includes 100 locations around the world.

The world of Westphalia motorhomes

Currently, these are the following product lines:

James Cook - for 40 years probably the most famous series of Westfalia motorhomes, currently available on the basis of the new MB Sprinter in 3 variants: Classic, AD and HD. Depending on the model, we have a body of a classic Sprinter, a model with a raised roof or a car with a laminate riser. Regardless of the model, however, the common feature is the rear slide-out, giving the bed area of up to 207x140 cm - a unique solution that allows you to make the most of the space, which we will appreciate especially in a car with a length of 593 cm!


Sven Hedin - a motorhome with a length of 599 cm based on the new MAN. It has the option of extending the leg space at the rear of the vehicle (side sliding mini pop-out). 4 riding places and a 2-person bed.

Columbus & Amundsen - these are two collections with a total of 7 models from 530 to 636 cm based on Fiat Ducato - technically sophisticated solutions allow you to efficiently use the space in a way unprecedented by other manufacturers. The Amundsen series is also more economical.

Club Joker and Club Joker City - two variants of motorhomes based on VW T6.1 with short and long wheelbase.


Kepler , Kelsey and Jules Verne - a wide range of small campervans that are also perfect as everyday vehicles. The base vehicles are VW T6.1, Ford Transit Custom and Mercedes Vito. Some of them (eg Kelsey) even have a shower and a permanent cassette toilet on the deck in a very small space.

Meridian Limited - Big Nugget's siblings


An interesting proposition for 2022 is a new model called Meridian Limited. The base is a Ford Transit powered by a 185 horsepower unit, with an automatic transmission, as standard equipped with a media station with navigation, 16-inch rims and bi-xenon dipped beam headlights. Tire pressure monitoring system, parking and blind spot assist are also standard equipment. The rear transverse cradle evokes associations with the Big Nugget model built on behalf of Ford (and distributed by it). However, in many respects Meridian sets new trends - gray accents on the floor, wooden optics in the built-in or a wind rose on the bathroom wall - the whole thing can really appeal to you.

In terms of the construction and its equipment, Westfalia confirms its affiliation to the premium segment - well-thought-out LED lighting, awning, winter package, hot water heating with diesel fuel (interestingly enough, hot water was also supplied to the outdoor shower).

As it is a sister construction for the Big Nugget model, the dimensions also remain unchanged: length is 598 cm, width is 206 cm, and height is 270 cm.

Among all the novelties of Westfalia, we pay attention to this model, as the Ford Transit, which is its base, is subject to a lower excise rate and does not raise the value of the motorhome to exorbitant amounts.

The Westfalia brand "cut its teeth" on campervans and compact bodies. When analyzing even the smallest details of buildings, it is difficult to resist the belief that these are solid and long-lasting structures . In 2011, the brand was taken over by the French group Rapido, but remained autonomous in terms of development and production. A well-developed dealer network in Europe allows you to travel in peace and not worry about the possible availability of spare parts. The official representative in Poland is the Elcamp RV group from Krakow - www.elcamp.pl

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