Westfalia Club Joker - the heir to a legend

Westfalia Club Joker - the heir to a legend – main image

The fashion for mobile homes has been growing continuously for several decades both in Western Europe and in Poland. Caravanning enthusiasts have at their disposal a huge market offer that suits practically everyone. Many people reach for integrated or semi-integrated campers, providing more than enough space for four or six people. Nevertheless - during the vacation trip, we will successfully "fit" into a much smaller - more mobile - vehicle built on a small delivery vehicle.

One of the most interesting products of modest size is the Westfalia Club Joker . The history of the model dates back to the 1970s , when the Volkswagen Transporter , adapted to small tourism, with just such a name, appeared. The current version is based on the latest incarnation of the popular Transporter.

Inconspicuous appearance

From the outside, the smallest Westphalian model does not differ much from the standard delivery van from the Volkswagen catalog. Only the substantial plastic superstructure with side windows is immediately visible. After a closer inspection, on the right side of the car body you will notice a folding awning - perfect for sunny or rainy days. Inside the small vehicle, a quite interesting arrangement of space has been created. The driver's compartment does not differ from the serial one from VW. We still have an ergonomically laid out dashboard and spacious, swiveling seats with armrests on each side. In terms of additional equipment, we can count on quilted upholstery, on-board computer, auxiliary heating, automatic air conditioning, navigation with a touch screen, as well as an automatic DSG gearbox - working with a 2.0 TDI diesel engine with power from 80 to 180 HP .


Usable space

After entering through the side (sliding) door, we will see a small rectangular table with a double sofa equipped with seat belts . The seating space is brightened by numerous windows, including roof windows . Right next to the entrance door there is a compact kitchenette with a two-burner gas stove, sink, fridge and numerous cabinets . At the back of the vehicle there is a lockable toilet, a mini bathroom - optionally with a shower cabin , as well as a spacious storage / luggage compartment for holiday equipment.

A very interesting solution is an alcove folded over the seating area. A fold-out mattress on a special platform provides comfort for two people, even of the right size. The manufacturer, despite the small size of the camper, perfectly used the available space. There are lockers and shelves in every free place. The basic variety of Westphalia is valued at £ 42,000 .

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