What is not worth saving on when servicing a camper?

What is not worth saving on when servicing a camper? – main image

There is no need to remind you about the advantages of caravanning. Independence, mobility - almost no restrictions . Nevertheless, this form of spending free time also has serious disadvantages. It is enough to mention the accompanying costs . Even a few days' rental of a motorhome will cost you a considerable amount of money. The purchase of used or new equipment is even more expensive - and this is just the beginning of the investment.

How are we trying to save?

Faced with the high service and maintenance costs that are required to keep a motorhome in good condition, many people are looking for savings . The problem, however, is the way we try to save. We very often decide to buy cheap spare parts of unknown origin and low quality . Equally miserable, even unfavorable results will be obtained if you delay in carrying out maintenance repairs or replacing worn components. Another serious sin for camper owners is carelessness . Instead of systematically taking care of the cleanliness and hygiene of the interior , as well as all systems that require it, they limit themselves to only superficial cleaning . Of course, buying high-quality chemicals intended for this purpose means a large expense - which is better to avoid.

Savings effects

Virtually any kind of exaggerated savings can end in a short time with a series of serious faults and a general deterioration of the technical condition of the motorhome. Choosing cheap engine oil (or for the gearbox), contrary to the manufacturer's recommendations, may even result in seizure of the drive unit (or gearbox), or at least accelerate its wear . Worse still, low-quality oil may not guarantee the required tightness and lubrication of the entire system. It is equally irrational to use the cheapest elements of the running gear . Buying the cheapest suspension arms, shock absorbers or metal-rubber elements on the market will take care of the worn-out suspension only for a while. The shoddy parts will give up again after a few thousand kilometers - forcing the owner to repair again. Not to mention the lower driving safety.

Air conditioning

Mishandling the air conditioning will also end up costly for us. Coolant deficiencies will translate into a decrease in its efficiency , and what is worse, the air conditioning compressor may wear out - the repair can cost over PLN 1000 . This is not the end, however. Saving money on proper air conditioning service and maintenance will mean problems with the cleanliness of the entire system . The lack of periodic disinsection will affect our health.

The issue of servicing gas and water installations is similar. In their case, there should be no room for cost reduction and components without the appropriate certificates. Good, the quality of water and gas pipes guarantees their tightness and durability , which has a huge impact on our safety and the life of the entire motorhome.

This does not mean, however, that we have no chance of saving by exploiting the camper. Most of the maintenance works , and even some service treatments, can be performed on our own. We also do not have to use the services of authorized services , the same quality can be found in many independent workshops.

Maciej Mokwiński
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