What to do with impurities?

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Probably everyone who starts their adventure with caravanning wonders how to supply water and what to do with the sewage that quickly fills the waste container. Unfortunately, it is not very easy, especially in Poland.

Waste, especially feces, should not be thrown anywhere. They should be disposed of in appropriate places intended for this purpose. These are neither drainage ditches nor ordinary sewage manholes, although unfortunately, due to the lack of other options, this is where camper users often dispose of their sewage.

At the campsite

If the campsite has three or four stars, there should be at least one station for dumping waste and emptying chemical toilets. Of course, it may also be available at lower category campsites, but it is not obligatory for their owners. Places for disposing of feces, sewage and waste should be appropriately marked.

It is worth noting that in campers and trailers, dirty water and feces usually go into two different containers. This design is purposeful because it allows you to get rid of dirty water also in situations when you cannot throw away the remaining waste.

Sewage collection points outside the campsites

In various places in Europe, and increasingly in Poland, sewage collection points for camping vehicles also exist outside the campsites. In some you can only throw away dirty water, in others you can also get rid of feces. Waste disposal may involve a fee.

If such a solution is not possible and the camper has a tank installed that can be removed from the vehicle, it can also be emptied in a public toilet, e.g. at a gas station, in an emergency. However, it is worth bearing in mind that the staff at some stations may not agree to accepting camping waste.

Toilet maintenance

It is worth adding that to make maintaining toilets easier, it is best to use special chemicals and even toilet paper for tourist toilets. Appropriate preparations reduce unpleasant odors, eliminate the accumulation of harmful bacteria and promote biodegradation.

Check where you can empty the tank

An updated list of places where you can go with a camper in Poland and abroad can be found on our website under the POI tab. The descriptions of individual locations also include symbols indicating the possibility of getting rid of waste and collecting water in a given place.

Unfortunately, this last activity, although seemingly easier than draining the sewage, is not easy either. Not every gas station will allow the staff to fill a container of several dozen liters, and sometimes it cannot be done even for an additional fee. Water should be available at camping sites.

Unfortunately, a beginner caravanner must take into account that what is standard in Western Europe is still problematic in Poland. However, there may be some consolation in the thought that after crossing the western border, both discharging sewage in legal and adapted places and obtaining water will be easier.

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