3rd National Caravanning Pilgrimage to Jasna Góra 2015

3rd National Caravanning Pilgrimage to Jasna Góra 2015 – main image

I invite all users of caravans and campers who want to start the 2015 caravanning season in this way. Following the example of walking pilgrimages, we go to Częstochowa together, but in groups of different colors. We encourage you to represent your club / circle with flags, emblems and club clothes ... Of course, the pilgrimage and the place of the "rally" requires some behavior from us. So the pilgrimage is ALCOHOL FREE. Cost - is the cost of the car park at Jasna Góra Monastery. Meals on your own. Sanitary facilities at the Pilgrim's House. Since last year, it is possible to connect to 230V in several sectors.

3rd National Caravanning Pilgrimage to Jasna Góra Monastery

2015 SEASON BEGINNING Fixed term for the following years: 2nd weekend in April. Date: 11-12 April 2015

Caravanning pilgrimage program:


  • 9.00-13.30 - rally of crews in the upper parking lot (as in previous years)
  • 14.00 - unveiling of the Miraculous Image of the Mother of God and Holy Mass at the beginning of the pilgrimage (Chapel of the Miraculous Image)
  • 15.15 - Way of the Cross on Wały
  • 21.00 - Jasna Góra Appeal


  • 9.30 - Holy Mass with a request for a blessing to start the new caravanning season (Chapel of the Miraculous Image)
  • 11.00 - blessing of motorhomes, trailers and tugs in the parking lot
  • 11.30 - visiting Jasna Góra, Częstochowa, individual prayer
  • 15.00 - Chaplet of Divine Mercy and blessing of pilgrims - (Basilica) END OF THE PILGRIMAGE

I cordially greet and invite Fr. Mariusz Chmura Registration - e-mail: [email protected] or on caravanning forums and in PZM clubs


Reporting the crew is tantamount to accepting the pilgrimage regulations:


1. The Pilgrimage is a non-commercial rally of caravanning enthusiasts to start the season. Participants represent their Clubs / Forums through emblems, flags, club clothes.

2. These regulations apply to all participants who will take part in the Pilgrimage. Participation in any part of the Rally means acceptance of the regulations.

3. Failure to comply with the Regulations will result in a reprimand, and in the event of repetition of the situation, expulsion from Jasna Góra without the right to reimbursement. In the event of events threatening the health and life of Participants and third parties, the Organizers reserve the right to call the Police or other security services.

4. The Pilgrimage Organizers are not responsible for any items left or lost on the premises of the Rally.

5. The organizers reserve the right to change the program in terms of programming and time.

6. Participants should exercise particular caution in connection with the presence of motor vehicles on the pilgrimage. The organizers are not responsible for any injuries that the participants may have suffered during the rally. Parents are responsible for their children.

7. All participants of the Rally are obliged to strictly follow the instructions given by the Rally Organizer, Security staff or the Police.

8. Participants who have paid all fees related to the stay in Jasna Góra, have the right to stay there, also after dark, the curfew is valid from 22.00-6.00 (the exception is a place of fun together: bonfire, concert ...)

9. Participants have the right to any assistance from the Organizers related to accommodation and all activities related to the formal stay in Jasna Góra. The person coordinating is Fr. Mariusz Chmura.

10. Each participant is obliged to keep the place of stay clean during the Rally and after its end.

11. Participants staying at the Rally with animals are obliged to observe all safety and hygiene measures required by law. At the same time, they are responsible for any damage caused by the charges. We do not take animals to the monastery area.

12. It is forbidden, under the consequences set out in point 3 of these Regulations, to violate the physical inviolability of other participants of the Rally and bystanders, as well as the devastation of movable and immovable property and the natural environment in the place of the Rally.

13. It is forbidden under the consequences contained in point. 3 to bring drugs and intoxicants to the area of the Rally. It is forbidden to drink alcohol - the pilgrimage is ALCOHOL FREE. Smoking is forbidden on the premises of the Rally.

14. In the parking lot, fire extinguishers should be placed outside the caravan / motorhome in a visible place.

15. Appropriate dress is required on the premises of the Monastery.

16. Any matters not covered by these regulations will be interpreted by the Rally Organizer.

Further information and a nationwide list will be updated on an ongoing basis on the website: www.razemwdrodze.com

Info: https://www.razemwdrodze.com/?p=1138

Nationwide list: http://razemwdrodze.com/?p=1140

3rd National Caravanning Pilgrimage to Jasna Góra 2015 – image 1

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