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In Poland, it is difficult to identify a second company that has grown so dynamically in recent years as the Poznań brand CarGO! The empire created by the brothers Mariusz and Radek Gogulski was not only noticed by the editors of the prestigious Forbes magazine , but also awarded with the “Diamond” coveted in the business world.

It is the culmination of consistent, organic work in several areas - especially in the field of sales network development (launching new branches), expanding the portfolio of distributed brands and increasing the rental offer to a considerable size.

Rental, sale, service, accessories - everything in a word


The business that took off as a RV rental company quickly, thanks to its excellent management, experienced the growth of the American dream. Currently, the fleet of vehicles offered in the rental shop alone exceeds 40. These are vehicles of various brands, with different layouts and equipment. The rental services are used not only by occasional tourists, but also by potential customers who want a taste of traveling in a motorhome or are interested in buying a specific vehicle.

From the very beginning associated with CarGO! there is the French group Pilote , whose brothers Gogulscy are authorized representatives in Poland. In retrospect, the French would probably find it difficult to choose a better partner for the development of a motorhome business in our country. Centrally located headquarters in Poznań and branches - satellites in Wejherowo and Warsaw allow us to be closer to customers who are cared for here in a special way. It was listening to their needs that turned out to be the key to the company's success.

Professional maintenance services, a wide range of accessories in the showroom and online - all this is to constitute the comprehensiveness and competitive advantage of the company. The owners attach great importance to customer satisfaction, after all, their trust and "word of mouth" can be considered one of the pillars of the company's success in the demanding market.

From economical caravans to premium motorhomes


Mentioned above, associated with CarGO! Pilote group includes not only Pilote motorhomes, but also brands belonging to the group. The most prominent in the portfolio is Frankia , which was added to the offer a few years ago and was enthusiastically received in Poland. The popularity and reputation of the brand are primarily evidenced by sales statistics and positive customer feedback. It is extremely pleasing that, despite the considerable price, premium motorhomes find buyers in our country.

Following the CarGO Punch! Pomerania has introduced vehicles from the highest segment to its offer. Morelo , because this is the brand we are talking about, has already won the hearts of many customers, and the growing interest is part of the caravanning boom. Costing over PLN 1.5 million, "yachts on wheels" are giants that offer uncompromising comfort and independence in travel.

But let's get back to earth. In addition to the "for the selected" range described above, the dealer's offer includes everything that your heart desires and that your wallet can withstand. From the comprehensive offer of the iconic Hobby brand (here CarGO! Is the sales leader), through Adria caravans and motorhomes, to a wide range of typical Chausson and Randger motorhome brands, everyone will find something for themselves here.


The number of cars contracted by the company for the next seasons is very impressive, but we will not see too many of them on the exhibition grounds. Due to the enormous demand, it is difficult for most producers to keep up with and meet the demand. In these difficult circumstances, it is extremely difficult to operate in the market and keep customer satisfaction high. It requires a great deal of business skill and instinct, which the managers of the CarGO group! it's hard to say no.

"We want to infect with passion for caravanning, show that everyone can do it, it is an amazing experience!"
Radosław Gogulski and Mariusz Gogulski

From the editorial office

As a media partner of the CarGO! we are, of course, extremely proud of our long-term relationships. From the very beginning, we have been observing the development of the entire organization and we have had the opportunity to cooperate on smaller and larger projects more than once.

Professionalism, consistency and flexibility are undoubtedly the main attributes of the Poznań company. Once again, we would like to thank you for the trust you have shown, congratulate us on our successes and keep our fingers crossed for the development of our cooperation as well as for another equally honorable distinctions!

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