Coronavirus and camping in Poland - rules

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The Ministry of Development and the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate have developed guidelines for camping facilities, which are to ensure safety at the campsite in Poland during the COVID epidemic .

Below are 22 points that are to increase security in the facility:

  1. Placing in a visible place at the entrance to the campsite or at the campsite reception information on the rules of hygiene at the campsite during an epidemic. Visiting tourists should accept all the rules of hygiene during the epidemic, confirming it with their own signature, and advising them in advance about the implemented rules, before their arrival.
  2. Restriction of access to the reception for 1 client only.
  3. Arrival and stay for 1 position only for members of the home community - families or people living together.
  4. Registration will include all tourists on the campsite - visitors must be notified in advance.
  5. Refraining from accepting and storing any kind of deposits by the campsite reception.
  6. Limiting the number of tourists adequately to the applicable regulations, depending on the size of the facility , in order to enable compliance with the spatial distance requirement.
  7. Placing in a visible place in front of the entrance information about the maximum number of tourists who can stay and use the campsite at the same time.
  8. Providing tourists with disinfectants (disinfectants).
  9. Obliging tourists to disinfect their hands at the entrance to the reception desk, or a common room, kitchen, common tourist space, toilets and communal facilities, and to have protection covering the mouth and nose.
  10. It is recommended to provide the possibility of purchasing protective masks and gloves at the campsite reception or at any point of sale within the facility.
  11. Posting in sanitary and hygienic rooms instructions for washing hands, taking off and putting on gloves, taking off and putting on a mask, and in the case of dispensers with disinfectant - instructions for disinfecting hands.
  12. Providing equipment and resources as well as monitoring the daily cleaning work, with particular emphasis on disinfecting touch surfaces - handrails, door handles, light switches, handles, armrests for chairs and flat surfaces, including table tops in work rooms and dining rooms and other frequently touched surfaces.
  13. Limiting the use of multimedia, kiosks and other touch-activated devices.
  14. Failure to organize events (meetings, social events) in rooms for larger groups. It is possible to organize events in the open space - picnics, canoeing trips, trips, bonfires, etc. for tourists staying at the campground, keeping a distance of at least 2 m.
  15. Camping Dining: Restrictions should be made in line with general dining restrictions.
  16. Trading on the Campground: Restrictions must be made in line with those relating to general commerce.
  17. Camping equipment (fitness, outdoor gyms, rope parks, water parks, playgrounds, equipment rentals and sports fields): restrictions should be made in accordance with the general rules for such facilities and services.
  18. Limiting the number of people staying in sanitary facilities ; it is recommended that this number should be half the number of sanitary cabins or the number of washbasins at one time.
  19. If tourists remain outside their designated camping position, their rules regarding distance and behavior in the public area during an epidemic apply.
  20. Designating and preparing a room (e.g. equipped with personal protective equipment and disinfecting liquid), or an area where it will be possible to isolate a person in the event of disease symptoms.
  21. Preparation and placement in a specific place (easy access) of the necessary telephone numbers for the sanitary and epidemiological station, medical services.
  22. Developing / updating the rules of conduct in the event of violations of the regulations and the rules of hygiene, as well as general rules prevailing during the epidemic by a tourist.

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